2012 Cosmic Convergence ~ Planetary Solstice Event ~ Meditation


Spiritual Focus ~ Cosmic Communion
Consummation of Life Everlasting Calendar

2012 Cosmic Convergence~Solstice Event Meditation
Wielding the Electric Fire of Life We Ignite the
Seed Releasing Life More Abundant in Our World

The 2012 December Solstice occurs on Friday, December 21, as we continue to explore our annual meditation focus theme based on "Cosmic Communion ~ Consummation of Life Everlasting".

Participation in the Convergence~Solstice event, details here

For any who are inspired, feel free to share meditation impressions here on WeCycleWisdom.

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At this time we traditionally have been invoking impressions for the coming spiritual year commencing now. All who participate are welcome to share impressions here.