2012 Cosmic Convergence

We all know that the date of 12/21/12 is the marking of a great cosmic event and one in which the Earth and all humanity have a part to play.

In 1987, Meditation Magazine contained the following quote from Jose Arguelles: "The Mayan calendar system is not based exclusively on events of this planet but is in fact a synchronization, again, of this solar system with 6 other solar systems and that the December 21, 2012 date marks the point where there is a major synchronization between the seven systems."

This major synchronization of all 7 Cosmic Centers within a Great Cosmic Life reminds us of the following from Discipleship in the New Age, Vol II, (AAB) p. 426: "When the light of the seven Rays is blended with that of the seventh Ray, then light supernal can be known."

The implications attendant upon this fifth point are amazing at the first glance, and they demand an immediate recognition of the two factors of time and space..."When the energy of the light of all the rays can express itself through the medium of the seventh ray, then the highest aspect of the divine light can penetrate down into the physical plane...it is also a statement of fundamental truth.

"The Procedure required for the manifestation of "light supernal" takes place when a transitory point of synthesis is reached and the seven energies are blended into one great energetic Light. These seven energies have ever, unitedly, created the "light supernal" upon the highest levels of divine expression, but that revealing light only finds Location when the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order is active and in process of manifestation in the three worlds, and necessarily, therefore, upon the seventh plane, the physical plane. Such a manifestation inevitably takes place in moments of planetary crisis, when the seventh ray is active and when the Sun is in Aquarius. Such a combination of relationships is being established now, for the seventh ray is rapidly coming into manifestation and the Sun is in Aquarius, for the Aquarian Age is just beginning. The Objective of this combination (which has occurred six times during the period of the fifth root-race) is to bring about illumination and the establishment of order upon the Earth."

This means a very great opportunity is going to be present for all lives with the chain of existences to benefit from this Cosmic Convergence, including our little planet Earth. Our Solar Logos and Planetary Logos are aware of what is transpiring and of course the Hierarchy and all related disciples who study such matters are also aware. All Seven rays are present and represented by our Hierarchy and related disciples.

The impact of this Cosmic Energy will filter down into finally The New Group of World Servers, also representing the higher aspects of all seven rays, who are responsible for carrying these energies deep into the planetary 'substance'....what is called the lowest principles of man, the dense physical body of the Logos and these lives "deal with the display of physical energy, with the working out in the physical vehicle of all divine purposes and with the physical organisation of a certain great cosmic Life. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire (AAB), p. 1207

The goal of the New Group of World Servers is to provide a centre of light within the world of humanity and to hold up the vision of the One Humanity as a unit on this planet and as an integral part of Solar and Cosmic Life. We know energy follows thought...we must do all within our power to seed the thoughts and align the desire for unity that will assist those who are ready to look up and be recipients and transmitters of the influx of energy which we are about to receive.