Mirrors - LOVE Heals the Earth


In the mirrors of life, I've looked at the reflections of angry, disdaining faces.  In costume of female authorities within male religion.  Betrayed and betraying.

Each one making devastating judgments against my Heart of LOVE that only wanted to be immersed in the Reality of God.  Casting out of the temples I called HOME, the Sacred Spaces where there was Pure & Peaceful contact with the Divine.

I battled with these relections of pain; a victim.  I pleaded with them to please let me stay.


That was really myself!  It was MY reflection in each of those mirrors.  I'd battered my Sacred Self again and again, never allowing myself to remain within the Bliss engendered by the focus Within, Above and Below.  I judged myself as unworthy of having this Gift of Grace.  Damned myself for stepping into the Blissful waters.

All I needed to do was make the request of my own self.

How swift would the ASSENT and the ASCENT have been?

Never having left the Loving Arms of God, EVER, in the first place.

It would have been accomplished in a twinkling of a star; That star that is my source of light and LOVE.


Welcome home to LOVE,

In time to welcome LOVE into Earth Herself.

Through the Sacred Waters

To the Centre

Where in one phenomenal electric Starburst of Light,