Planetary Solstice Meditation Impressions

The Winter Solstice occurs on December 21. At this time we traditionally have been invoking impressions for the coming spiritual year commencing now.

All who participate in's Planetary Solstice Meditation
are welcome to share impressions here.

It's a Heavenly Christmas and Everyone's Invited!

Solstice Meditation Impression

Listen. Do not be distracted by the turmoil of the outer. Chaos is necessary to shake things up and loosen the hold of the old.

The new is entering. Listen for your part in the scheme of things … sometimes large, sometimes small. The truth comes on the wings of inner knowing. Listen. Resist not. Allow the chaos to make openings for the new. We are here to guide those who can hear us.

The seas part sweeping some away so that others may walk through. New beginnings take hold. Listen. All will become clear in right timing. Spend no energy trying to figure it all out. Listen … act … observe. Answers come in unique ways, created by all who listen.

Your concerns are our concerns. Trust the bigger picture falling into place. Lock and load the soul for shock and awe. The army of the soul is in place. The troops are aligning. Orders are being given.

- Susan Sun