2013 Aquarius Meditation Impression

Hello friends in time and space, from this or yet another time and place!

The following impression is based on the Aquarius Meditation and related writings found on SouledOut.org.

I definitely felt the energy of cleansing and healing, it felt like preparation for the the New Year, for the Spiritual Festivals. It really felt like we were going in a new direction, and that this healing and cleansing was very important. It was interesting that this last month I had a lovely and restorative vacation, and then got sick with the flu, but it all seemed part of the cleansing and healing process that is going on in me and Humanity.
It always brings a healing bit of joy to me when I think of Aquarius. The "Dawning of the New Age of Aquarius" and all that good stuff.  It was in meditation years ago on Aquarius, all about group work, and the other side Leo, the individual, the "King of the Beasts", that I really understood the continuum, not the opposition that is the pairs of opposites. It made it clear to me that at times, as Spirit directs, I need to be the individual that is called to lead, and at other times I am called to support and follow.

On a personal note, early in the year, I have been meditating more and doing some very simple yoga to still my mind and body. In doing this I am preparing my self to work with the United, or Group Mind. But this is in preparation to work with yet a larger concept, of Universal Mind. The channel we have established time and time again, Humanity working with our Spirit Hierarchy and the Divine has been so well established... it is ready to go, ready to flow!

I am seeing Service larger, more Universal in application. I have noticed when I am in service mode, actually all life is truly service. But when I am really there reaching out, I am less worried about outcomes and more about being the energy that Spirit directs me to be in that given moment. Recently just being open to serving, when I am around someone who is very ill, just radiating light/energy they change for the better. Folks around have commented, "Wow what just happened?" Simply, Spirit works finding the way, rather than me trying to direct it on a personal level, or asking for certain outcomes.

I have also sensed the energy of Consecration around me, a step up to be made on my part. It is quiet now, at least on the physical plane, but I sense I am preparing to make a step up, in how I work and serve.

Also there is this feeling of Grace, and that there is a "place of grace". This Grace is always there for us and it is always flowing. One we get there, and into the flow it carries us forward. My impression in our Aquarius meditation is there is definitly a feeling of forward motion within, and on the part of Humanity. Of late, as I mentioned, I am not as inclined to direct my energy toward someone or thing on the physical plane. In the same light I think Humanity is turning, looking outward from our little planet. Others have been impressed, and I agree, that an avatar is coming, and that we are being more receptive of Cosmic energies. When I, we see someone else opening to these energies, we want to honor that service. as in this we are becoming integrated with the Universal mind.

Wielding the Electric Fire of Life ~ I sensed that Humanity is about to take a different direction, a course change. We got here, we are supposed to be here, and now it is time to set a new course, aligned with the plan and purpose of the Divine. We know that synthesis is, and our directing of this Electric Fire will reveal the coming truth of our synthesis.

There is also this idea of a developing synergy, of more and more of us working together. When we at SouledOut look at other groups, we find them too consciously meditating on the same ideas we are, we find groups in the Far East, Europe, South America, here in the States. It is amazing the Unity , the synergy that is developing. This is not the end of it, there will be a change, something very new, opening up. We just have to get there and be aware.

Love and Light,