2013 Keynote and Impressions

Planetary Liberation Inaugurates Cosmic Freedom

We at SouledOut.org meditated together to invoke the Keynote for the 2013 Spiritual Year, and the following impressions came through for this new cycle:

Simultaneously A Mantram & Vision unfolded ...
Envisioned a pillar of energy firmly anchored on Earth. Groups & individuals appeared all over the planet & stood facing away from the earth ... connecting in a rainbow of colors to different stars & constellations. Each was aligned to a stars vibration ... This Mantram was Impressed as the vision unfolded ...
We Are The Monads and Here We Stand and Standing Know
We Are The Synthetic Cosmic Path of Life Itself
An aspect of service on planet earth is complete, it's enough ... & an entire group energy was migrating off the planet. It said, "Turn from the drama, they will work it out. You are destined for something far greater than this."
The dispelling of the glamour & illusion of what is "spiritual & service" will be revealed. The seed for service is known, We are the Path Itself. This will be ungrounding to some .... (DP)
Change of Direction
"Let it happen."
To wield is to yield,
To yield is to wield. (HN)
A strong flow of energy from Gaia flowed into my heart, while an equally strong flow of energy from the cosmos also entered my heart. There they churned and harmonized giving birth to the word LOVE. There was a sense to make thoughts, words and deeds come from a place of love. This would truly serve our planet and its place in the cosmos at this time. (SS)
Illumination. The new Age will bring an energy shift to the planet that will produce a deeper and more pervasive Light and a higher vibration. We will see things more clearly. There will be more transparency and more distinction between light and dark. We will see things that were hidden before, things that we might not like or want to see, but need to see in order to fix a negative pattern or problem. Just because this light / energy is available now, doesn't mean it is being used. What you can do to help is to seek out and embrace the light and make yourself available as a channel for the light. (DC)
"Rising Above It All."
Follow promptings at every turn ~
“My only choice is to go home.” (KS)
The overall theme was Unity in all its many facets.
Unification, the Unified Field.
We truly are one within the One, a sea of Unity.
(The plane of Adi came to mind.) (ED)
Divine Order - A continual "flow", Divinity, the Spiritual Hierarchy, and Humanity working in ever greater Harmony and Unity!
Circulation - More about the "flowing" energy. Things are changing on the planet, circulating more freely, as we give, we expand our our ability to receive, in blessing we are blessed.
Direction - I sensed a new direction, the great mothership of Humanity has come this far, now in co-operation with the Divine, we are called to a new way. It is the dawning of a new day, and our "outlook" is very good. (The pun is very much the truth I sense ... "out-looking") (TJR)
Keynote words and related impressions:
Unity, Unification, Unified field
Monadic identification
The Life force
Turn from drama, towards a far greater destiny.
Don’t worry about them, they will work it out.
Planetary Liberation Inaugurates Cosmic Freedom