Look Up! ... The Lion Roars in De-Light of Luna!

Hello Star Gazers,
Spring has sprung and Leo the Lion is springing up in the eastern night sky. Leo has a couple of companions now, waxing Gibbous Luna and the Hydra.

The Lion Roars in De-Light of Luna!
Alpha Hydra's Heart Is Impassioned

Image Credit: Sky and Telescope

As the Moon waxes toward full, it walks between Leo and mostly-dim Hydra. Sky and Telescope

For the Following Observations
Binoculars provide a special treat and assist in seeing the Hydra's dim stars. Luna always looks great through binoculars and is a wonderful guide to spotting bright stars and planets and seeing Moon shadows, however her light makes viewing constellation stars more difficult. This is where binoculars come in handy. Be sure to view Leo and Hydra when there is less illumination from Luna.

March 22, Friday, 9:00pm
Waxing Gibbous Luna approaches the head of Leo the Lion. To the lower right of Luna lie the dim stars of the Hydra's head. Can you spot Leo's blue-white heart star, Regulus?

March 23, Saturday, 9:00pm
Look high in the southeast left of Gibbous Luna for a backward question mark of stars curving up from Regulus. This sickle-shape pattern of stars represents Leo the Lion's chest, majestic mane and head.

To the upper right of Luna lies the Hydra's dim head and to the lower right the Hydra's heart star, Alphard.

March 24, Sunday, 9:00pm
Luna guides us to Alphard, the Hydra's dim heart star. Look to Luna's right. Do you see Alphard without binoculars?

March 25, Monday, 9:00pm
To the left of Luna lies the Lion's tail star, Denebola. Use this constellation image to see all of Leo the Lion including his tail star.

Leo the Lion

Leo the Lion's highest expression is the fully integrated personality who stands out from the "herd" and is ignited by the fire of Divine Will. The one who masters the cosmic Lion's energies can begin the group work of the Soul.

Regulus is the Lion-Hearted Lawgiver who can guide humanity in expressing the love-wisdom of the Christ consciousness—the requirements of which are to love all of humanity, lead a disciplined life, recognize the divinity in all faiths and all beings, and rule one's daily life with Love.

Leo the Lion demands we follow the Higher Law of Spirit here on Earth, that we become the soul. His tail star, Denebola, whips into action with Luna’s presence! If the Higher Law is not followed, Denebola, also known as the Changer, may bring about swift judgment when it joins with Luna.

Alphard, Heart of the Hydra

Alphard is the Alpha star of the Hydra and is known as the "Solitary One."

Alphard inspires us to step away from the comfort and security of the accepted and agreed upon consensus defining our known reality, to walk a lone path. It asks us to risk our reputations, our work, our lives, and our beliefs, driven by the passion within our hearts, to find new answers to the challenges that we face in our pursuits. Nick Fiorenza

The Lion, Luna and the Hydra

These celestial energies are preparing us for a greater life on Earth. It is written in the heavens!

This Easter Festival lunar cycle is about expressing "our soul essence/higher self-awareness ... This is a powerhouse lunar cycle ... stimulating audacious action to create profound change in our lives ..." - Nick Fiorenza

The emanations of the Lion, Luna and the Hydra underscore and accentuate Nick Fiorenza's Lunar Theme: Corporeal Clarity & Physical Action to Create Profound Change.


Regulus and Leo the Lion
A sign of spring and a stimulation of consciousness

Big Dipper Navigation
Use the Big Dipper to locate Regulus and
Denebola, the Lion's heart and tail stars


Mercury ended its retrograde 3/17 and is still too close to the Sun to be seen. The planet reappears in the morning sky at the end of March.

Venus, recently our glorious "morning star," is now too close to the Sun to be seen. The planet reappears as our blazing "evening star" in May, above the sunset western horizon.

Mars like Mercury and Venus is too close to the Sun to be seen. Mars is in exact conjunction with the Sun 4/17.

Jupiter is brilliant to the right of Aldebaran, the fiery red eye of Taurus the Bull. The three belt stars of Orion point to this striking pair in one direction, Late Mar.10pm West, and to Sirius our brightest star in the other direction. This Helpful Map shows Orion's belt pointing to both Sirius and Aldebaran (Jupiter not included), plus it shows the surrounding constellations, including Leo the Lion and Alphard.

Saturn can be seen from late night until dawn. The planet is low on the east-southeast horizon around 11:00pm. Saturn is easier to see above the horizon around 2:00am. 30 minutes before sunrise Saturn can be seen above the southwest horizon. Late March SW Morning Map Bluish Spica, the brightest star of Virgo the Virgin, lies west (right) of yellowish Saturn.

Saturn is retrograde, moving toward Spica. The planet ends its retrograde motion July 7/8. Review the significance of its retrograde in this edition of Look Up!

See Night Sky Info for more on each planet.


May the heavens continue to expand our horizons.

Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky