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Greetings Sky Gazers,
Celebrate the Aries Full Moon Easter Festival, the Festival of the Risen One ~ The Cosmic Christ. This is the first of three major planetary Festivals that occur at the spring Full Moons. The second one is the The Festival of Wesak ~ The Festival of the Buddha and the third is The Festival of Goodwill ~ The Festival of Humanity.

The Easter Full Moon Festival is a time of rising. Be a sacred vessel that receives the radiant Life and become a Light of the World!

Virgo's Holy Grail Is Illumined
Large Luna Guides Us to Spica and Saturn

Image Credit: Sky and Telescope

The Heavenly Holy Grail is associated with the constellation Virgo the Virgin. Virgo's Holy Grail nourishes the divine essence in each one of us until the gestation period is complete and spiritual birth can occur.

Each year during the sign of Aries, March 20-April 20, the Full Moon of the Easter season travels through the heavens with Spica. This star, symbolizing the sacred womb of Virgo the Virgin, is her brightest star. The Easter Festival Full Moon in close proximity to Spica, has the potential to awaken, consecrate and give birth to the seed of divinity within each and every one of us.

In 2013 the exact Easter Festival Full Moon occurs on Wednesday, March 27 at 2:27am PDT (09:27 UT). It lies near Virgo's dim star, Porrima, named after the goddess of childbirth and prophecy. Porrima portends new beginnings and the use of our guiding intuition during times of change, transformation and rebirth. With Saturn's placement in the area of Virgo's legs and womb, it's as if this celestial Virgin is giving birth to Saturn the Gate Keeper.
Exact Full Moon Map

Humanity is undergoing an accentuated spiritual birthing process at this time. It is written in the heavens!

For more insights and information regarding the significance the Easter season's Full Moon location click The Heavenly Holy Grail.

BTW: Opposite the "Easter" Full Moon in the Holy Grail, we find the Sun in the constellation Pisces, a constellation that is associated with the World Savior. Click The Heavenly Holy Grail to learn more.

Aries 2013 Global Meditation ~ Audio
Celebrating the Aries Full Moon Festival ~ Easter
The Festival of the Risen One ~ The Cosmic Christ.
Exact Full Moon: Wednesday, March 27, 2:27am PDT (09:27 UT)


Saturn can be seen from late night until dawn. The planet is low on the east-southeast horizon around 11:00pm. Saturn is easier to see above the horizon around 2:00am. 30 minutes before sunrise Saturn can be seen above the southwest horizon. Late March SW Morning Map Bluish Spica, the brightest star of Virgo the Virgin, lies west (right) of yellowish Saturn.

Saturn is retrograde, moving toward Spica. The planet ends its retrograde motion July 7/8. Review the significance of its retrograde in this edition of Look Up!

Jupiter is brilliant to the right of Aldebaran, the fiery red eye of Taurus the Bull. Mar.29-31 9pm Map The three belt stars of Orion point to this striking pair in one direction, Late Mar.10pm West, and to Sirius our brightest star in the other direction. This Helpful Map shows Orion's belt pointing to both Sirius and Aldebaran (Jupiter not included).

Look Up! Ponder on and be receptive to this breath-taking and extraordinary line-up of celestial energies. They can expand your consciousness with new insights and visions.

Mercury reappears in the eastern morning sky the final day of March.

Venus, recently our glorious "morning star," is now too close to the Sun to be seen. The planet reappears as our blazing "evening star" in May, above the sunset western horizon.

Mars like Venus is too close to the Sun to be seen. Mars is in exact conjunction with the central luminary 4/17.

See Night Sky Info for more on each planet.


Celestial Rabbits ...
3 rabbits, a hunter, a scorpion and a lion tune us to spring.

Coronal Rain on the Sun
A must see video of our central luminary
Thanks for the link, Jaime.


Celebrate the Holy days.

Together we are the Chalice, the Risen ONE giving birth to a sacred planet.

Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky