Look Up! ... The Wesak Lunar Cycle Is Here

Greetings Everyone,
April 10, 2:35am PDT marked the beginning of the Wesak Festival lunar cycle that ends May 9. Forces of enlightenment from our highest spiritual planetary center, Shamballa, are released during this lunar cycle's Full Moon Festival, April 25. Keep reading to learn more.

"Our New Moon ... inspires action from the heart regarding financial matters. Eris may continue to upset the Venus and Mars energetics [*]—as discordance in relationships, between the masculine and feminine, or between the receptive and expressive aspects of self—ultimately so a great equilibrium can result ... " For more insights see Nick Fiorenza's lunar theme article, Money & the Rebalancing of the Expressive & Receptive of Action and Heart.

The Young Moon Rises to Meet Paired Jupiter and Aldebaran

Image: Sky and Telescope

These scenes are drawn for the middle of North America. European observers: move each Moon symbol a quarter of the way toward the one for the previous date. For clarity, the Moon is shown three times actual size. Sky and Telescope

Approximate Moonsets:
Thursday - Sunday, April 11, 12, 13, 14,
9:15pm, 10:15pm, 11:05pm, Midnight (U.S. Daylight Time)
Rise/Set/Transit Times ~ Major Bodies

It is said that Jupiter transmits cosmic forces into our solar system. Jupiter bridges, fuses and blends, freeing us from duality. This planet expands our hearts and minds bringing out the best in all, producing wisdom and the externalization of the Divine Plan in our solar system.

Jupiter’s magnetic field is thought to interact with nearly every body in the Solar System in some way. Some scientists even speculate that it is powerful enough to affect sunspots when Jupiter is at perihelion.

Source: Jupiter's Magnetic Field

Jupiter paired with Aldebaran, our star of enlightenment, make a potent duo during this Wesak lunar cycle. Allow these celestial energies to expand your consciousness with new insights and visions. The Wesak cycle provides an opportunity for enlightenment. It is a time of the illumined mind. Jupiter and Aldebaran support this enlightenment process. Be sure to open to their illuminating and expansive energies.

Jupiter's 4 largest moons can be seen with binoculars or an inexpensive telescope. A dark sky provides the best viewing. See Jupiter's Galilean Moons to learn more.

Reviewing the map above we see that the Young Moon also guides us to the Springtime Pleiades, Friday and Saturday, April 12, 13. This sparkling star cluster, also known as the Seven Sisters, is a friend to both night sky traveler and pilgrim on the spiritual path. View the mini dipper-shaped star cluster with binoculars for a special treat.

April 16, Tuesday
The Waxing Crescent Moon lies within the Winter Circle also known as the Great Winter Hexagon.
Notice how Orion's Belt points to both Sirius (right) and Aldebaran (left).
4/16 Map/Text

April 17, Wednesday
Mars is in exact conjunction with the Sun today.
Crescent Luna visits the Twins and the Little Dog.
4/17 Map/Text

April 19-22, Lyrid Meteor Shower
Peak date is dawn April 22, however growing moonlight interferes more each day.
The hours before dawn are the best for viewing.
Learn More ~ Meteor Finder Chart

Wesak Full Moon and Saturn

The Wesak Full Moon is exact Thursday, April 25, at 12:57pm PDT (19:57 UT). It is supercharged by a partial eclipse, which can be viewed in the Eastern Hemisphere. Saturn, positioned near the Wesak Moon, can be seen traveling with the Full Moon from dusk until dawn. Saturn is in a close approach to Earth at this time, making the planet appear its brightest and biggest for 2013. This also means Saturn is potently impressing humanity during the Wesak Full Moon Festival, which opens a channel of direct communication between humanity and Deity.

See a map and learn much more at the following links:

The Wesak Full Moon Festival
Tread the enlightened razor edged path
in the light of spring's 2nd Full Moon.

2013 Wesak Full Moon Global Meditation
You are invited to join SouledOut.org in meditation
Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 12:57pm PDT (19:57 UT)
or choose a time within 12 hours before
or after the full moon to participate.

Saturn can be seen all night long, in the east at dusk, south at midnight and west at dawn. One can find yellowish Saturn by using the Big Dipper to find bluish Spica, the brightest star of Virgo the Virgin. Skywatchers know to arc from the handle of the Big dipper to golden Arcturus and then spike down to blue-white sparkling Spica in the south. Image

Saturn lies east (left) of Spica.
Late April Map ... midnight looking south.

Saturn is retrograde, moving westerly (right) toward bluish Spica The planet ends its retrograde motion July 7/8. Review the significance of its retrograde in this edition of Look Up!

Jupiter is brilliant in the west above Aldebaran, the fiery red eye of Taurus the Bull. Review map above. The three belt stars of Orion point to Aldebaran in one direction and to Sirius our brightest star in the other direction. This Helpful Map shows Orion's belt pointing to both Sirius and Aldebaran (Jupiter not included).

Mercury hugs the eastern horizon in morning's twilight, making this a challenging observation for those living in the mid-northern latitudes.

Venus, our glorious and recent "morning star," is now too close to the Sun to be seen. The planet will reappear as our blazing "evening star" in May, above the sunset western horizon.

Mars like Venus is too close to the Sun to be seen. Mars is in exact conjunction with our central luminary April 17.

See Night Sky Info for more on each planet, including finder charts.


This Wesak lunar cycle, which peaks April 25 and ends May 9 provides an opportunity to participate in an ancient, living, sacred ritual. It is a time when the Forces of Enlightenment pour into the world, the fires of initiation rage and blessings come to all of humanity. It is important that groups of all faiths unite globally, invoking the divine in everyone. Together we are the Chalice, the Holy Grail on Earth, prepared to receive the outpouring from on High.

The only ground to stand on is the leading edge
of provocative fire.
The depth, the core, the leap,
the courage,
the precipice of now.
Take the initiative, break new ground, activate.

- Jacqueline Lasahn / New Moon


Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky