Look Up! ... Goodwill Luna Grows, 3 Planets Dance

Greetings Night Sky Travelers,
The waxing Gibbous Moon guides us to Saturn and later to Antares for the Goodwill Full Moon Festival. Look for 3 brilliant planets dancing in the sunset sky.

Large Luna Guides Us to Saturn
Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - Looking South, 10:00pm
When Will Luna Meet Fiery Antares?

Image Credit: Newark Museum adapted with Adobe Photoshop

Note: The Gibbous Moon is moving easterly toward Antares, the fiery red heart star of Scorpius the Scorpion. When Luna nears Antares she reaches her Full phase, exact on Friday, May 24, 9:25pm PDT (04:25 UT May 25). This is the time of the Goodwill Festival. Learn more about the Goodwill Full Moon and its connection to the bulging heart of our Milky Way Galaxy at the end of this "Look Up! Reminder".

Saturn can be seen all night long, high in the southeast as night descends, in the south around 11:00pm and low in the southwest at 4:00am. As seen in the map above yellowish Saturn lies to the left of bluish Spica, the brightest star of Virgo the Virgin. For another view see this Late May Map, which looks south 1 hour after sunset.

Find Saturn by using the Big Dipper to locate Spica. Skywatchers know to arc from the handle of the Big dipper to golden Arcturus and then spike down to blue-white sparkling Spica in the south. Helpful Image Remember that yellowish Saturn is currently left of bluish Spica.

Saturn is retrograde, moving westward toward Spica, until July 7/8. Virgo's brightest star, Spica, symbolizes the sacred womb of the Virgin, nourishing the seed of our innate divinity and spiritual awareness. The apparent close proximity of Saturn and Spica is prompting us to give birth to beliefs and forms that can embody, exteriorize the unfolding Christ consciousness.

... we have a great opportunity [during Saturn's retrograde] to reformulate structures of belief that may be holding us back and to build new structures that easily support authentic expressions of our true radiant divine nature." Shamanic Astrology 11/05

When Saturn is retrograde, our soul also follows an internal process of reflection and it goes back to our roots and initial intentions. Our battle during this process is to make our goals compatible with its objectives, and with our spiritual integrity. From: Saturn Retrograding by Sandra Alvim

Saturn retrograde tends to reveal our limits and in turn provides the opportunity to reorganize our lives and weed out frustration. It's a time to be patient, humble and aware.

Behemoth Hurricane Spotted on Saturn ~ Relentless Saturn


Venus, Jupiter, Mercury join in a sunset sky dance. They form a bright close-knit triangle in the west-northwest as twilight fades.

Triple conjunctions of planets are fairly rare. The last time it happened was in May 2011, and it won't happen again until October 2015. This triple is especially good because it involves the three brightest planets in May's night sky: #1, Venus; #2, Jupiter; and #3, Mercury. The triangle will be visible even in places with heavy urban light pollution.

The best time to look is about 30 to 60 minutes after sunset. The three planets will be hugging the horizon, so a clear view of the western sky is essential.

Let Venus be your guide. It pops out of the fading twilight long before the others. As soon as you locate Venus, look in that direction using binoculars. If your binoculars are typical, all three planets will fit in the eyepiece simultaneously. As the twilight continues to fade, set the optics aside; eventually the triangle will become visible to the naked eye. NASA Science News

Look Up! Ponder on and be receptive to this breath-taking and extraordinary dance of celestial energies. They can expand your heart and mind and link you to the soul.

Watch the May-June sky dance of the shapeshifting sunset planetary trio.

Follow May's daily sky dance. Observe the fast ascent of Mercury, the fast descent of Jupiter and the slow ascent of Venus.

Thursday, May 23

Friday, May 24 ~ (additional view)
Mercury and Venus are in exact conjunction at 4:54pm PDT (23:54 UT)
Goodwill Full Moon is exact on Friday, May 24, 9:25pm PDT (04:25 UT May 25)
Saturday, May 25 ~ (additional view)

Sunday, May 26
The Goodwill Moon transits the Galactic Heart this morning.
Keep reading to learn more about Goodwill and the Galactic Heart.
The twilight trio forms its tightest triangle tonight.
Learn More about tonight's sunset planets.

Monday, May 27 ~ (additional view)
Mercury and Jupiter are in exact conjunction at 12:56am PDT (07:56 UT)
Goodwill's waning Gibbous Moon occults (hides) Pluto at 8:12am PDT (15:12 UT).

Tuesday, May 28
Venus and Jupiter are in exact conjunction at 12:29pm PDT (19:29 UT)
Learn More

Wednesday-Friday, May 29-31
Jupiter, Venus, Mercury line-up west to east
Thursday, May 30 Map

See Night Sky Info for more on each planet.
Note: Mars is too close to the Sun to be seen. It will reappear in the morning sky in early June.


Festival of Goodwill and the Galactic Heart

With each Goodwill Festival there is a festival in the heavens. It occurs as the Full Moon enters the bulging heart of our Milky Way Galaxy. Each Goodwill Festival Sagittarius, the centaur archer, points his arrow at Antares, the red heart star of Scorpius, and at the Goodwill Full Moon, which is positioned at the great bulging central hub (heart) of our galaxy. Images: 1, 2

Each year the Goodwill lunar cycle activates the Antares / Aldebaran Axis. The New or young Moon lies near Aldebaran, while the Full or nearly Full Moon lies near Antares. The activation of this Axis affects the healing of the nations by seeding our vision, and in turn enlightening our behavior for a spiritually infused leadership.

With the keynotes of goodwill and "humanity, aspiring to God," this festival is also observed as the Festival of the Spirit of Humanity, the Christ Festival, the Festival of Unification and World Invocation Day.

Note: In 2013 the Goodwill Full Moon is exact on Friday, May 24, 9:25pm PDT (04:25 UT May 25), and the Full Moon is a partial penumbral eclipse, the third eclipse of a triad. This Full Moon is also the second largest of the year with the largest occurring June 23, 2013. The reflected and eclipsed sunlight of large Luna, closer to the Earth than normal, is bound to affect us more.

In 2013 the Goodwill Moon transits the Galactic Heart Sunday morning, May 26 and occults Pluto Monday, May 27 at 8:12am PDT (15:12 UT).

Click Festival of Goodwill and the Galactic Heart to learn more and see a Full Moon map.

Click Goodwill Festival of Unification Meditation to participate in SouledOut.org's global meditation and the World Invocation Day Vigil.


May our hearts expand with the will-to-good as the transformative fires burn and galactic blessings flow from the bulging heart of our Milky Way Galaxy.

Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky