Look Up! ... Mercury, Venus, the Twins +

Look Up! Mercury, Venus, the Twins +

Greetings Sky Watchers,
June 8, 8:56am PDT marked the beginning of the new lunar cycle that ends July 8, 12:14am PDT. "Our New Moon ... lies in sidereal Taurus ... over Orion and conjoins supergiant Rigel of Orion ... Taurus is of earthy and material matters: of building, business, construction, the home and family, property, stability and balance. It is fixed in its ways, industrious, persistent, determined and laborious. Rigel of Orion inspires enterprising entrepreneurial action in a grand way ... That which we establish now in our physical lives, and the changes we make throughout this cycle are “preparatory” for more dynamic changes to come." For more insights see Nick Fiorenza's lunar theme article, On the Home Front ~ Preparation for Greater Changes to Come.

Young Crescent Luna Guides Us to ...
Mercury, Venus and the Gemini Twins

Image: Sky and Telescope

How soon after new Moon on June 8th will you spot the thin waxing crescent? Its position here is plotted for the center of North America. (The visibility of faint objects in bright twilight is exaggerated.) Sky and Telescope

Hmmm ... Will you see the line-up of the youngest Crescent Luna, Venus and Mercury after Sunday's sunset June 9? Map/Text

Monday, June 10, The thin crescent Moon low in twilight now forms a triangle with Venus and Mercury, as shown at right. Look above the triangle for the Pollux-and-Castor pair.

Tuesday, June 11, The waxing Moon after sunset now forms a wide arc with Castor, Pollux, and low Procyon, as shown at right. Venus and Mercury are not far from the center of the arc's curve.

Source: Sky and Telescope

Approximate Moonsets:
Sunday - Tuesday, June 9, 10, 11
9:20pm, 10:00pm, 10:40pm
Rise/Set/Transit Times ~ Major Bodies
Includes set times for Mercury and Venus


The Gemini Twins, Mercury, Venus
Birthing the Human Kingdom

Many sky gazers have looked at the constellation Gemini and have seen two humans in its star pattern. Gemini's two brightest stars, Pollux and Castor, bear the names of the Gemini Twins.

These celestial Twins are not identical. Pollux the brighter of the two is an orange-giant star, 3x as large as Jupiter and has at least one orbiting planet. Castor the fainter Twin is 6 stars linked together in a gravitational system. Pollux is our 17th brightest star and Castor our 23rd brightest star. 25 Brightest Stars

At the end of May and in June the Gemini Twins, Pollux representing the soul and Castor the personality, can be seen united, standing tall on the western horizon at sunset. Review the map above. It is interesting to note that June is also the time of graduations and marriages. The emanations of Gemini keep the interplay of energies between dualities active and flowing so that eventually they reach synthesis and unity, which in turn represents a type of graduation or marriage.

As seen in the sky map above and this 6/15 Map, Mercury and Venus are now located in the constellation Gemini. Both Mercury and Venus are rulers of Gemini.

Mercury (exoteric ruler) conditions the personality life and creates Divine messengers. Its emanations first stimulate the concrete mind to distinguish between the self and not self. They then illuminate the higher mind creating a link between the personality and the Soul.

The emanations of Venus (esoteric ruler) helps one begin to understand the causes and conditions of harmony and conflict and thereby lovingly and wisely link the lower mind to the higher mind.

Venus is thus the focus of synthesis, the resolution of polarity … the blending quality which aids in the resolution of duality. It is the energy of Venus which promotes diplomacy and establishes Right Human Relations between all people and between nations. Venus’s great potency lies in its ability to bring about harmonious relationships within pairs of opposites, thus further creative manifestation on all levels. This may be compared to the function of Mercury, which awakens consciousness by relating opposites, but does not harmonize or blend them. Esoteric Venus

It is said that the constellation Gemini along with its ruling planets and the Great Lodge on Sirius were responsible for setting up the necessary stimulation and magnetic fields between the animal and spiritual kingdoms, which in turn produced individualization and the human kingdom. In other words, the human kingdom was born of the animal and spiritual kingdoms with the help of the fluid synthesizer, Gemini. Therefore, humans are inherently spiritual and born to aspire toward their divine nature. Culled from: Alice Bailey’s Esoteric Astrology pg. 355. Online Reference

BTW: Each year at the beginning of January, the Gemini Twins can be seen rising feet first above the eastern horizon at sunset.


June 12, Wednesday, Dusk
Mercury is at greatest elongation (distance from the Sun).
Mercury is at its highest in the 2013 evening sky for the Northern Hemisphere.
Brilliant Venus pops out of the twilight first.
Binoculars help spot Mercury (above Venus) before the sky darkens.
The Crescent Moon diagonally aligns with Mercury and Venus.
Map/Text ... includes Southern Hemisphere map

June 13-14, Thursday-Friday
The waxing Crescent Moon guides us to Leo the Lion.
6/13 at nightfall look above the Moon to spot Regulus and the Sickle asterism of Leo,
the backward question mark, the head and mane of the Lion. Helpful Image
6/14 the growing Moon aligns with Regulus, the heart of Leo the Lion. Map/Text

June 15, Saturday
Look for sunset Mercury, Venus and the Gemini Twins.
Dimming Mercury is now getting closer to Venus.
They are at their closest 6/20.
6/15 Dusk Map
The Moon lies south of the hindquarters of Leo the lion.

June 16, Sunday
Look for the First Quarter Moon during the daylight hours.
After nightfall, use binoculars to examine the Moon's terminator.
(the line separating the light side from the dark side)
Lunar craters, mountains and valleys are accentuated along this line of contrasting light.

June 17, Monday, Early Evening
Look east for 3 bright stars forming the large Summer Triangle.

June 18, Tuesday
The waxing Gibbous Moon lies near Spica and occults it for those in Africa.

June 19, Wednesday
Look for the Moon near Saturn.
Spica is to the right of Saturn.

June 20, Thursday
Mercury and Venus are at their closest.
Map ... Earth Treasure Vase Global Meditation


This lunar cycle, which ends July 8 "... inspires enterprising entrepreneurial action in a grand way ... That which we establish now in our physical lives, and the changes we make throughout this cycle are 'preparatory' for more dynamic changes to come." - Nick Fiorenza

... Be flexible and adaptable when surprises come your way. What are your most precious priorities? ... Focus on the flow. Articulate your dreams. Do something to make it real with both sensitivity and practicality. - Jacqueline Lasahn / New Moon


Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky