Look Up! ... Solstice Sun, SuperMoon

Hello Sky Gazers,
The solstice Sun and SuperMoon ("extra" large Full Moon) are catching our attention now. Worldwide solar and lunar meditations are strengthening the light grid of planet Earth.

Celebrating the Solstice

Image: Student Britanica

Stonehenge is an ancient monument in England that includes a circular setting of massive stones. They were precisely aligned in relation to the rising of the sun on the summer solstice.

The summer solstice is celebrated Friday, June 21, when the Northern Hemisphere of Earth is tilted most toward the Sun. It is exact when the Sun enters Cancer on Thursday, June 20, at 10:04pm PDT (05:04 UT Friday, June 21). Note: Both hemispheres celebrate the solstice at this time. In the Southern Hemisphere it is the winter solstice and this part of the Earth is tilted farthest away from the Sun.

Summer Solstice
What's unique about the Sun and its shadows now?
What's it like at the North and South Poles during this solstice?
Participate in a wonderful solstice celebration any day!
What's the spiritual significance of summer?
Participate in solstice global meditations.

Thursday, June 20, help activate the global grid laid down by the Earth Treasure Vase Healing Project by participating in the Gaiafield Global Solstice Meditation. The last of 30 vases is being buried in Australia in June, 2013 after being blessed by the Dalai Lama. The Australian vase is a seed for another 108 vases that will be made by Native American potters. Background ~ Visit the Global Care Room anytime today as a guest or login.

Thursday-Friday, June 20-21, at dusk look west-northwest to view brilliant Venus and dim Mercury at their closest. Above lie the Gemini Twin stars, Castor and Pollux. Use binoculars to first spot Mercury.
6/20 Dusk Map, 6/21 Dusk Map
It is said these celestial bodies are responsible for birthing the human kingdom, which is destined to aspire toward its divine nature. In Review (scroll half way down the page)

Up at dawn, around 4:00am? Look east-northeast for the first sighting of the Pleiades star cluster above the horizon.
Dawn Map

Friday, June 21, no matter what hemisphere you live in strengthen the light grid of planet Earth by participating in one or more solstice global meditations.

The waxing Gibbous Moon lies near Antares, the fiery heart star of Scorpius the cosmic Scorpion. Rebellious Antares keeps humanity aligned with the Higher Law of the soul. Be aware. The realm of the Scorpion is a burning ground that gives rise to the phoenix.
6/21 Evening Map
Note:This is the first full night of summer and Antares is known as a summer star.

Saturday, June 22, Venus now lies above Mercury at dusk
6/22 9pm Map
Be sure to check out the large size of the Moon! It's looks even larger when it is near the horizon - moonrise in the east around 8:00pm and moonset in the west, the following morning, around 4:30am-5:00am. Read more in the section below.


SuperMoon ~ "Extra" Large Full Moon
Exact: Sunday, June 23 at 4:32am PDT (11:32 UT)

Note: The exact Full Moon timing allows many observers to see an equally large Moon two nights – Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23.

The Full Moon of Sunday, June 23, is the closest Full Moon of 2013. This "Extra" Full Moon is part of a 5 celestial body line-up known as a syzygy (Moon, Earth, Mercury, Sun and Jupiter). This syzygy is likely to disturb the quietude of the Sun, and stir up our Earth’s atmosphere, crust and oceans, and even irritate humanity's physical, mental and emotional bodies.

In addition, at the time of a Full Moon our planet is the recipient of strong spiritual vibration and stimulation throughout the entire day from our Sun. At any Full Moon the Earth lies between the Sun and Moon. At this time the Earth, representing consciousness, is in direct alignment with our central luminary the Sun, representing Spirit. The Full Moon, representing form, acts as a reflector of Sun's inflowing radiance for the entire night, from sunset to sunrise. A solar doorway opens wide and the unimpeded Spirit (Sun) works out in form (Full Moon) through the mediation of consciousness (Earth).

A SuperMoon shines increased solar radiance our way for the evolution of consciousness and form.

The Sun at the exact time of the SuperMoon conjoins the "Gate of Man" in the constellation Gemini (5° sidereal Gemini), where the solar plane (ecliptic) forms a cross with the galactic plane (Milky Way). Hence, the solar radiance includes galactic information. BTW: Jupiter, which transmits cosmic energy into our solar system also conjoins the Sun and the "Gate of Man" at the time of the "Extra" Full Moon.

The SuperMoon lies in the constellation Sagittarius, which "brings our attention to honoring pursuing our unique paths, ideals and goals in the world with undaunted conviction and focus." - Nick Fiorenza

As we move with the seemingly chaotic currents and waves of our times, it is crucial to seek out and receive the energies that are streaming forth to help humanity emerge into something new, wholesome and universal.

Full Moon Global Meditation

SuperMoon - June 23
Learn more about 2013's closest "Extra" Full Moon

Sunday, June 23, "Tonight’s moon shines very close to the dwarf planet Pluto and the New Horizons space probe. Or rather, I should say that the moon, Pluto and New Horizons align on nearly the same line of sight, because these objects are nowhere close together in space." - EarthSky.org


The Planets
See Night Sky Info for finder maps and information on each planet.


This lunar cycle, which ends July 8 is preparing us for greater changes to come. Participate in a solstice and "Extra" Full Moon meditation. Become part of the communion of souls receiving and distributing evolutionary energies from on High. Be aware. Surprises may come your way. Adapt and be flexible. Give life to those energies that are most precious to you.


Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky