Look Up! ... Sol And Sirius Embrace

Hello Sky Watchers,
Two great Suns unite for our freedom and liberation.

Our Physical Sun And Spiritual Sun Embrace
Sirius Disappears from Our Sight
The Heated Dog Days Begin
Freedom And Liberation Are Awakened Within

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The Dog Star Sirius is also known as our Spiritual Sun, esoterically the heart of our physical Sun. During the Dog Days of summer when Sirius disappears into the Sun's glowing light, it could be said that our physical Sun and our Spiritual Sun are embracing. After such a celestial union a rebirth or resurrection can be expected.

Note: The last visible observation of Sirius in the San Francisco sky occurred May 23, 2013.

According to ancient teachings, the concepts of freedom and liberation reside in human consciousness because of the influence of the Sirius star system. Every year on July 4 from our Earth's position, our Sun is in conjunction with Sirius. In other words, at this time, these two great Suns unite and shower us with their radiant emanations. Their energies give us Life and awaken us to all that we can divinely be. Take time to bathe in their illumination. Be reborn. Set yourself free!

Note: Astrologically, a conjunction is the strongest aspect celestial bodies can have. Our Sun exactly conjoins Sirius in the sign of Cancer at 14 degrees, which occurs annually around July 4–7.

BTW: Our Sun is a million-mile-wide cool yellow star. Sirius is almost twice as wide and a very hot white star. Size Comparison

Hmmm ... Mercury retrograde (6/26-7/20) along with Sirius is hidden in our Sun's glowing embrace! Tuesday, July 9, Mercury is in exact inferior conjunction. This planetary messenger of the gods seems to be communicating with the two great Suns, Sol and Sirius, formulating a new divine message for humanity. A shift or change in direction is beginning to take place now. Allow the new incoming cosmic energies to break up old patterns. After July 9 pay attention to emerging new ideas. Mercury reappears above the eastern horizon July 25.

Fourth of July ~ Holiday and Holy Day
This day is linked to Sirius and it's Principle of Freedom.
Our physical Sun conjoins our spiritual Sun.
This is a great time for sky watching at dawn, dusk and midnight!

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Happy Aphelion Day ~ July 5th!


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This lunar cycle, which ends July 8 has been inspiring enterprising action. "That which we establish now in our physical lives, and the changes we make throughout this cycle are 'preparatory' for more dynamic changes to come." - Nick Fiorenza Continue to give life to that, which is most precious to you. "Articulate your dreams. Do something to make them real with both sensitivity and practicality. Be flexible and adaptable when surprises come your way" - Jacqueline Lasahn


Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky