Power of One Vigil ~ Wildfires in CA & Elsewhere

All are asked to hold a space, as you are inspired ...

Please join SouledOut.org and others for a Power of One vigil for all those who are affected by the wildfires in California, including the Yosemite Rim Fire, and all those fires happening elsewhere in the western U.S.

May this service assist in supporting the efforts of those fireworkers endeavoring to control the fire, as well as the many realms of life being affected by these events.


Power of One Vigil

Sending healing thoughts to California and all other places and lives affected by Fires out of control.... and sending strength and love to those who so valiantly are fighting the fires.  Although we know that these fires are a part of nature and from the destruction a cleansing and rebirth occurs, it is so very hard on the animal and human lives that are affected so drastically, and thoughts of strength and courage and keeping safe are being sent as well.