Aquarius Divine Identification Meditation Impressions

The full moon in Aquarius falls on January 29/30. All who participate in's Aquarius Festival Global Meditation
are welcome to share impressions in response to this thread.

2010 Aquarius Meditation Impression

I sensed the energy of Aquarius and the greater light we entered to be very fluid. It flowed within us wherever it needed to go. If there was a place that needed healing within us, it would go there. If there was a place that needed energizing, raising the vibration, it would go there. If there was a place that was overamped or stressed it would bring a stillness and peace. Fluidity was the key, and the energy was so efficient and responsive. I took it to be a message that we needed be fluid now, and it was important that we correctly understand where and how we are to serve.

I did sense a purification happening, that the "Waters of Life" were preparing us. There was a message in the way that the energy quickly assessed where it was needed and went there. I can sense, feel this so clearly in my self and in the whole.

There was an element of wisdom being revealed in the energy. That we are being called to serve in ever greater ways, that the need will increase. This increasing need requires us to be wise, in how we serve. That the challenges ahead are so great that we will need to be fluid and efficient in our efforts. Asking ourselves on the level of Soul: Is this my path? Is this my place? How can I best serve the greater good? Understanding on a deep and potent level that service is much more that just throwing ourselves into every crisis. We need to be open to understanding, to listen and bring wisdom to our love of serving.

*Where there is suffering, we bring relief.
Where there is chaos, we bring peace.
Where there is fear, we bring strength.
Where there is darkness, we bring light.
Where there is separation, we bring unity.*

When we wrote these word the events of Haiti were much in our hearts and minds. We responded in in the ways that Soul directed us. At the same time there were calls, to serve in other places... Surrounding someone with love that is about to cross over, handing out warm clothing and food to those suffering in the cold, completing insightful and inspiring works to the lift the spirits of many, and providing a safe space and place for a friend in need.

We ask that we blessed with the wisdom to know how to play our part in finding the Way. The Way, that serves the greater good and brings us closer to our Divine Destiny.

Love and Light,