Look Up! ... Eyes, Eclipses - Endings, Emergence

Greetings Sky Watchers,
Friday, October 18, marks the day of a Full Moon lunar eclipse with Luna at her "Full" Potential 4:38pm PDT (23:48 UT). This lunar cycle has been stimulating our intuition and premonition. These higher mental capacities more fully awaken with the Full Moon. The lunar eclipse has us reflecting on endings, culmination points and major changes. Which bonds do we strengthen and which do we release? Check out Pumpkin Moon? ~ Hunter's Moon? for more. Keep all eyes open to know the way to go and grow!

As a result of focused thinking ‘in the heart’ the spiritual eye opens and becomes the directing agent. - Alice Bailey/Discipleship in the New Age II ... Online Text

Libra Festival Full Moon Global Meditation ~ Fukushima Full Moon Global Meditation

Morning Mars
Sunset Venus
Image: Hubble Heritage Project
Image: Magellan Project, JPL, NASA
Image Description
Image Description

Rise/Set/Transit Times ~ Major Bodies

Morning Mars

Our Red Planet rises around 3:00am and is easily seen in the southeast one hour before sunrise. Mars Late October Map The planet's reddish glow compliments the bluish hue of nearby Regulus, the heart star of Leo the Lion. Mars is now moving east of Regulus toward the Lion's tail star, Denebola. This mid-October view shows the star and planet at their closest.

Mars glows red because of sunlight being reflected off its rust-colored soil. Regulus emits its own light, which is an indicator of its surface temperature. A bluish star has a hotter surface temperature and is younger than a red cooler, older star. Look Up! It's fun to see the different colors. Binoculars make the colors more vivid.

Mars in Leo ~ This is a most fiery combination. Fire is the ~great liberator~, and with Mars in Leo, it indicates the liberation from a focus of self consciousness to one in which the will of the individual is eventually given over to the service of the group. Self-consciousness and the desires of the lower self are very strong when Mars and the Lion join on the personal level. The battle that has to be fought is often a very difficult one, as the dynamic vitality and creative urges of the ego have to come under the direction of the Soul. - Mars in Leo

The fiery emanations of Mars in Leo the Lion shine down upon humanity from around 3:00am when the planet rises until around 4:00pm when the planet sets. May we rise like the phoenix from the liberating fires of Mars and the cosmic Lion!

Mars and Earth are moving closer together in their orbits around the Sun. Mars is getting bigger, redder, and brighter as the planet nears Earth and its April 2014 opposition. Mars/Earth Orbital Animation

BTW: Those with telescopes can see Comet ISON near reddish Mars and bluish Regulus. See a photo of this Colorful Conjunction ... scroll down the link!

Sunset Venus

Venus, often mistaken for a UFO, is luminous in a light sky, dazzling at nightfall and can be viewed in the southwest until 8:30pm. Venus Late October Map - 30 minutes after sunset

Brilliant white Venus can pick up a yellowish glow from the setting Sun reflecting off of its white sulphuric clouds. The tinted glow of Venus compliments the reddish hue of nearby Antares, the heart star of Scorpius the cosmic Scorpion. Antares emits its own light, which is an indicator of its surface temperature. A red star has a cooler surface temperature and is older than a whiter, hotter, younger star. Look Up! What star colors do you see? Can you see the sunlit glow of Venus? Binoculars make the colors more vivid.

Glorious Venus blazes in the burning ground of the Scorpion. The planet now moves away from Antares, easterly toward the Scorpion's stinger. Oct. 16 Map ~ Oct. 18 Map ~ Late October Map Venus and the sting of Scorpius keeps us awake and on the divine path.

Venus in Scorpio ~ Intelligence and the mental faculties must ~die~ in order to birth the pure, intuitive cognizance of the Initiate. The mind battles to retain its strength and dominance, but must eventually yield to the greater power of the Spiritual Presence ... A person on the Soul level is aware of the struggles of the mind to maintain its equilibrium between the desire nature and the Spiritual Presence ... yet it has no choice but to yield to Spiritual Will. This is a true test (as are all experiences in Scorpio) of loving sacrifice - a sacrifice which a person ... has to make themselves, and one which they help to facilitate in others. - Venus in Scorpio

Hmmm ... When the mind is still and its thoughts are quieted (die), or as we learned above, the thoughts are focused in the heart, the third eye, spiritual eye, opens and the Divine Presence can reveal Itself. Use this wisdom to rise triumphant like the Phoenix from the initiatory fires of the Scorpion and Venus.

The emanations of blazing Venus in the burning ground of the cosmic Scorpion shine down upon humanity from around 11:30am when Venus rises in the daylight until the planet sets at night around 8:30pm.

Venus like Mars is getting closer to Earth. Venus reaches its greatest brilliancy December 10, 2013 and its closest Earth approach occurs in January 2014.


The Planets
Saturn and Mercury are too close to the Sun to be seen.
Mercury reappears in the morning sky early November.
Saturn reappears in the morning sky late November.
See Night Sky Info for information on each planet.

Rise and Set Times
Rise/Set/Transit Times ~ Major Bodies
Use this link to find exact times for the
planets, Sun and Moon in your area.

Any Night 11:30pm to Dawn - Jupiter, Orion and Sirius
Jupiter and Orion are fully risen in the east by 11:30pm.
An hour before dawn Orion is high in the southwest.
The Gemini Twins lie to the left of Jupiter.
Red Betelgeuse, the shoulder star of Orion, lies to the right of brilliant Jupiter in the south.
Orion's belt stars point down to Sirius, our brightest star and spiritual Sun.
Sirius fully rises low on the southeastern horizon around 12:45am.
Sirius Before Dawn-Map/Text
Orion's Belt Sky Map
Late Oct. Jupiter Orion Map - midnight, looking east.

Sunday Night to Monday Dawn, Oct. 20/21
Be sure to look for sunset Venus, morning Mars,
late night Jupiter and after midnight Sirius.
Orionid Meteors ... Lost in Moonlight

Monday, Oct. 21
The waning Gibbous Moon lies between Aldebaran and the Pleiades,
the "Bulls-eye" and shoulder respectively. Map
Binoculars may help to see moonlit Aldebaran and the mini-dipper-shaped Pleiades.
Aldebaran our star of enlightenment emanates a vision that is seeded by the Pleiades.
The waning Gibbous Moon between them brings illumination.
Invoke and receive the light, illumination, enlightenment.
"Let Light stream forth into our minds. Let Light descend on Earth!"

Tuesday, Oct. 22
Moon farthest north, near Elnath ...
Elnath is the northern (upper) horn tip of Taurus the Bull.
Look at this star and you look toward intergalactic space.
Elnath helps us persevere and make breakthroughs.
Use all eyes. Look Up! Open to new spiritual vistas.

Wednesday, Oct. 23
Have you seen morning Mars or sunset Venus yet?
It may be helpful to review what is said above about these 2 planets.

Thursday Night-Friday Dawn, Oct. 24/25
The Moon nears Jupiter in the constellation of the Gemini Twins.
Thursday Night 11:45pm Map ~ Friday Dawn Map

Friday Night-Saturday Dawn, Oct. 25/26
The Gibbous Moon dances with Jupiter and the Twins.
Maps/Text ... includes maps from Australia

Saturday, Oct. 26
The Last Quarter Moon is exact at 4:40pm PDT (23:40 UT).
This Moon can bring a crisis in consciousness.
This cycle's experiences have culminated and one must now prepare for rebirth.
The Last Quarter Moon rises around midnight.
Depending where you live you may or may not see it before midnight.

Saturday-Tuesday, Oct. 26-29 - Early Evening
Where is the Big Dipper ... ? The Big Bear walks on the northwest horizon.
See Cassiopeia and the Big Dipper
Big Dipper points to Arcturus flashing colors in the west.
Flashing occurs when the bright starlight travels through Earth's atmosphere.
Tuesday, Oct. 29 - Before Dawn
The Crescent Moon forms a triangle with Regulus and Mars and. Map

Wednesday, Oct. 30
Before Dawn

Regulus, Mars and the waning Crescent Moon line up. Map
The waning Crescent lunar phase is a time for conscious growth
and enlightenment at a deep level. Rebirth can occur,
as the lunar cycle wanes and comes to an end Nov. 3.
As Halloween approaches, find the Ghoul Star of Perseus

Thursday, Oct. 31- Halloween
Halloween and the Pleiades
The Seven Sisters reign high overhead at midnight.


This lunar cycle has been, as Nick Fiorenza reminds us, exciting our intuition and premonition so that we may have the fore-vision to act in the present, in order to be prepared for future events that are already precipitating into our reality. We have learned that focused thinking in the heart and/or a still mind opens our spiritual eye. This third eye or inner vision is a directing agent, a spiritual guiding force, the instrument of Divine will. It is responsive to and reveals love-wisdom in one's life. Allow the mind and heart to work in harmony. Keep all eyes open. Be still and know.

Note: A new lunar cycle begins November 3 with a Hybrid solar eclipse that is visible from far-eastern North America, across the Atlantic ocean and central Africa. The total part of the eclipse last less than 2 minutes. Details/Maps

A solar eclipse is always a supercharged New Moon that marks new beginnings. The light of the Sun representing our masculine active, conscious will and vital life-giving force is joined by the darkness of the Moon representing our female receptive, subconscious, instinctive nature. A New Moon eclipse is a personal and global opportunity and challenge to come into a new balance and level of wholeness. Reminder: Fukushima New Moon Solar Eclipse Global Meditation


Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky