Florida skies - Wolf Moon shining brightly

The moisture in Florida gave the already esoteric sounding “Wolf Moon” an eerie yet serene cast. The first full moon is the largest and most dramatic Full Moon we can expect for the year 2010.

The Moon is in the astrological sign of Leo, and is also known as the Wolf Moon according to Native American legend.

Tonight’s Moon is actually known by many names. Along with Wolf Moon, it is also known as the Old Moon, the Ice Moon, and the Moon After Yule.

The reason the view is so spectacular is because of something called perigee. During the moon’ s rotation, it passes closer to the earth a couple of times a year.

Since it is more of an elliptical orbit, when the phenomenon of perigee happens to coincide with a full moon, it can be absolutely stunning to view. And it was the stuff that memories are made of.

Luna shown magnificently as silken clouds passed in front of her brightness. The movement of the clouds cast illusory rainbows of radiant color.

Momentarily obscured to nothing more than a bright spot, the clouds appeared to be standing still while the moon itself was moving out from behind the shroud.

Then came the illusion of Mars trailing right behind it, completing the wonderful optical illusion.

Mars twinkled with bright red spots that radiated from the center. The visual was as if Mars were in two parts. It could have been an airplane as the illusion convincing enough to make you look twice.

Another chimera is how when the Moon first comes out, it appears to be bigger. At that time, rising in the sky, it was fully surrounded with a cloud cover that was so light it appeared to be a veil. Between the two visuals the illusion of magnification was amplified even more.

In South Florida, the first Full Moon of the year was sultry, glistening, and spectacular.


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Wolf Moon Photos

First time contribution,here. Learning the ropes. Hope to get more of the cosmic moon pictures from this night of the Wolf Moon. As soon as editing is done, hopefully pics will be compressed enough to add a few more.