Look Up! ... In the Company of Heaven

Greetings Sky Watchers,
This lunar cycle, which ends New Year's Day, January 1, turns our vision toward the Light, the Divine Life present in and embracing the physical world. The evolutionary influences and currents at this time turn us away from playing victim, to taking responsibility for our experience and destiny. Passion and power are offered now. Nick Fiorenza's lunar theme article, Immanence, can be reviewed for more insights.

There is plenty to see and spiritually ponder during this time. In the Company of Heaven our horizons expand and all things are possible.

The Solstice Sun
Enters Mother Earth

Image: www.newsfile.ie

At certain ancient cairns in Ireland the Sun reaches deep inside Gaia on the winter solstice, only on that one day is the inner chamber lit, as if the celestial body of our male Sun impregnates Mother Earth with rays of light.

This fascinating Image Description includes more photos.

December Solstice Sun and Planet Earth

Near the December Solstice the Sun, our central luminary, conjoins the Heart of the Milky Way Galaxy, the Galactic Center. At the same time the orbit of Earth brings our planet closest to our physical Sun. Earth at perihelion, which occurs annually around January 2 – 4, is also the time the Earth is in conjunction with our Spiritual Sun, Sirius. This produces a powerful relationship between the Heart of our Galaxy, the Sun (heart of our solar system), the Earth and Sirius (esoterically the heart of our Sun). In addition, at the December solstice the planetary Hierarchy (Earth's heart center) enters meditation by aligning with the energies of Sirius. These potent cosmic heart energies join forces annually at this time of the year and enliven the heart of humanity.

This astronomical and meditative timing unites solar energies with the transmissions of galactic intelligence. These aligned influences then stream forth into our solar system. Each year the December solstice event simultaneously produces a powerful relationship between our Earth, the Sun (our physical source of light and life) the Hierarchy and Sirius (our spiritual source of light and life).

The planetary Hierarchy’s invocative alignment and meditative reception draws in the spiritual light of the new cycle, for the Hierarchy stands as a bridge between our planet and the forces of the cosmic realms.

The December solstice is a potent, cyclic point on the Divine continuum of light. In honor of this event the folks at SouledOut.org are inspired to dedicate the period from sunset on Friday, December 20 until sunset Saturday, December 21 to the high meditation taking place on the inner planes at this time.

During this period of receptivity, we ask all to attune to the spiritual energies flowing through on behalf of the Earth and all humanity. All are encouraged to observe this planetary event as inspired, becoming still and receptive to the inflowing energies. We suggest the use of a candle (or other light) in the window to represent the Spirit being invoked as we connect with the spiritual Hierarchy. The promise of the Divine is made ever more real with this great meditative work.

Learn more and participate in SouledOut.org's Planetary Solstice Event ~ Meditation.

The Winter Solstice offers astronomical understanding and lists key December solstice global meditations.

More to Ponder ...

Venus retrograde [12/21/13-1/31/14] brings us to refine responsibilities, worth and core values.
We have the opportunity to build and empower integrity
when we consciously align desire, intention, and goals.

Solstice brings the renewal of light, power and vitality.
What are the choices we make
and what are the consequences for the generations ahead?

Uranus is the agent of change the gives us the courage to break free from restrictions. At this full moon [12/17/13], Uranus moves forward with renewed determination (retrograde since July 17). The full spectrum of thought process and communication is energized. All this electricity can be overstimulating, itchy, jangly or just distracting. Clear away the debris. It is time for a major reorientation.

- Jacqueline Lasahn

This lunar cycle is the first occurring in the action quarter of the 138-year Uranus-Pluto cycle of Revolution and Revelation [*] that began in the mid-1960s ... it impels some what a fresh start in an entirely new energetic and octave of evolutionary currents ... - Nick Fiorenza/Lunar Planner

Hmmm ... Sunday, December 22, 2013 marks our one year planetary birthday in the era of the Maya Fifth Sun, a new 26,000 year solar cycle that fuses the feminine and masculine energies, creates a balance of the forces of light and dark and returns to the natural order. Celebrate with a Planetary Birthday Party, 12-4pm PST (20:00-24:00 UT)!

Navigating with Orion
Locate Sirius and Betelgeuse. Meditating on these two
stars can aid in the service of those who are spiritually attuned.
The three belt stars of Orion represent the Three Wise Men.

See Celestial Santa? The constellation Auriga and Santa are closely related. At midnight, when Christmas Eve turns into Christmas Day Santa can be seen high overhead between the North and South Poles! Look Up! By sunrise Santa's work is done and he disappears in the west!

The Northern Cross stands upright above the western horizon during the Christmas season! This Christmas Cross touches the horizon 9:00pm - 9:30pm. It is part of the Summer Triangle, which lies over the Milky Way.

Hmmm ... The Southern Cross is visible in Hawaii before sunrise!

It's a Heavenly Christmas and Everyone's Invited!

The New Year’s Star ~ Sirius
This star is instrumental in humanity's creation,
as well as in the establishment of our planet's
guiding forces and the mysteries of initiation. Highest
at midnight, its emanations stimulate our crown chakra.


The Planets
Mercury disappears in dawn's early light; reappears mid-Jan. in the evening sky.
Mars rises around midnight, easily seen 2 hrs. before sunrise in the south.
Saturn is seen 30 minutes before sunrise in the southeast.
Venus blazes in the southwest, 30 minutes after sunset.
Jupiter rises within an hour after sunset.
See Night Sky Info for finder charts and more info on each planet.

EarthSky Tonight ... nightly highlights/maps
This Week's Sky at a Glance ... weekly highlights/maps

Rise and Set Times
Rise/Set/Transit Times ~ Major Bodies
Use this link to find exact times for the
planets, Sun and Moon in your area.


This lunar cycle, which ends New Year's Day, January 1, is pushing us to stop playing victim and tap our Divine power and passion. Divinity is immanent and transcendent. Identifying with Its Light and Life brings us into the Company of Heaven where our horizons expand and all things are possible.


Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky