Pisces Divine Identification Meditation Impressions

The full moon in Pisces falls on February 28. All who participate in SouledOut.org's Pisces Festival Global Meditation
are encouraged to share impressions in response to this thread.

While in meditation for the full moon of Pisces...

As I took my place in the great global grid I felt, despite all the difficulties in our world, more Souls present. There are more Spiritual Beings dedicated to bringing Love and Light to our world.

The reality of this being the consummation of the spiritual year has been clearly demonstrated in my life. I will describe something that I began a year ago on a personal level, my intent it to show how the Piscean energy works. At this time last year I decided to change the course of the way I was working with the available energies to heal my back, which has been a major challenge for me for over 10 years. These ideas, changes I set in motion last year are just now showing results, revealing my healing path. It took a whole year for this to emerge. In a very real sense this speaks to me of the Piscean quality of "emergence". Certain energies that have been allies, helping in in my healing and allowing me to work and be in the world are no longer appropriate. So here is the idea of the "Death" of things in Pisces.

Secondly, I sense the idea of coming out of the darkness and into the Light to Serve. We have a quote on our Pisces Calendar for March 2nd, "Dare to reach your hand into the darkness, to pull a hand into the light."This speaks to the Piscean concept of the Christ, in us, emerging from the cave to serve. In that light, I have started a conversation with another minister, of a large church, about creating an "upper room", where people of all faiths can go and be recognized for what they truly are "Spiritual Beings", Souls uniting for the greater good. Out of those conversations several other people I've met have expressed an interest in the same thing. There seems to be something within me emerging and in those around me as well. This speaks of the idea of "inclusiveness" which came through in the Pisces meditation.

As I reflected back in my meditations over this spiritual year, there was a growing sense of conflict in our world. Where someone says or does something and there rises a strong opposing force in response. The response is almost automatic, just to oppose, without thought or wisdom. Our American Congress is a classic example of this. It feels like there needs to be an end or a "death" of this way being, and emerging from that a new way of relating. Finding the points of agreement and strengthening them, creating Synthesis. I have in my own life, in the last couple of weeks, had people come at in me in way that invite conflict, opposition. I found myself taking the middle path, trying not to oppose, to be more inclusive. This for me is a goal that is emerging in this new spiritual year.

As the Spiritual year comes to a close I wanted to say how we at souledout.org are inspired by your messages to us. We all know Spiritual progress is happening and that this work brings us closer and closer to our Divine Destiny.

- Ted J. Rucker