2014 Capricorn Meditation Impression


At this time, the full moon associated with Capricorn 2014, the message that is coming through... it is very important for us to be filled with light, to be upright beings of light. It is very important that we clearly see the way, and connect the Light in the Heart, to the Light in the Head, to the Soul Light. I could see in the moment everyone with crown-like spheres over their heads.

Then we take it another step upward to Monadic consciousness recognizing the illumination in this process. When in the meditation our golden pathway was revealed, rather than climb we rose on what felt like a golden escalator surrounded by white light.
The thought came to me, it's like getting a tune-up for your vehicle. It might have been running pretty well, but seeing the light in the heart, the head, the Soul attunes our vehicle to the present and powers it up. So our vehicles were now running really, really well!
It was also made clear to me that it is so very important that we now take the next step to Monadic consciousness. When I step through and into Monadic consciousness, Divinity, the Divine presence, is so much more available. It is the process of identifying with Monad, of being a pure being of light, that is so real, that we continue to create, to touch these place and spaces.
The idea that "the Light of Life lives within us" is such a potent and enduring image. It speaks to me of the continuum of consciousness, that we remain beings of Light as we pass in and out of these physical forms.
The idea of standing with our Spiritual Hierarchy in Divinity, being a beacon of light reaching far beyond our planet too, is so powerful and a liberating image. In essence we are the mountain top, the high place.
It happens all the time if we put ourselves in this place. Even if we take a hike here on good old earth, when we climb to higher ground, the high place, there is a feeling of exhilaration and joy, the air is cleaner and we can see much, much further. More and more is revealed and the details of life, like the little houses below, the things that we can get so hung up in, are not as important,as the service we can dedicate ourselves to.
It is also so empowering to know when we get to the mountain top ready to serve, there are friends, very very potent lights, ready and willing to work with us as we together, seek our Divine destiny.
The Light rises, as do we.
It inspires and sets us free.
Humanity, Hierarchy, Divinity
As One, we are a new Trinity.