Island Portal to the Holy


Being a Clear Portal.

Solitary,,,,yet absolutely not.

Being the conduit

Between Centre Earth;

Surface Earth;

Open the Inner Body Door Into the feet,

In to the Clear Portal

Of Clear Being.

Body, Heart Mind;….


Open the Outer Door to Soul

In all its various “parts & functions”,


Surrendered to Service.

All the OLDE burned away,

Leaving simply the instrument,


Uncluttered by attachments

to whatever complicates or hinders

Individual SOUL PURPOSE.

Ours Alone.

(Others have their own in SOVEREIGN service).

Silent, Focused, Open.

Clear Portals together as Monad Portal,

To the Source Star.

To again be the Clear Instrument

Of the Return Path

Of Peace & Powerful Light


To disburse via the etheric web

Between Portals of Wholeness.

Touching all.