2014 Keynote and Impressions

Planetary Liberation Inaugurates Cosmic Freedom

We at SouledOut.org meditated together to invoke the Keynote for the 2014 Spiritual Year, and the following Impressions came through for this new cycle:

It was very still. A different rhythm is coming through ~ the rhythm of the sages and the ages.

How to cooperate with the rhythm ~ You are the monad, you are the monadic essence.

Meditate, radiate and dance to the music.

We may work with new moon as we have with full moon meditations. The service is to be receptive and aligned to the precipitation of the Seed.

What are you going to create from this divine essence?

Precipitation, Perception, Participation, Fruition.

Time and space are folding, so that our perception has changed. Receptivity to multiple dimensions reveals cosmic consciousness.

Earlier, in 2013, a lot of fragmented energies were perceived ... now these energies feel cohesive & synchronized ... so we finally feel aligned and grounded in present time & space.

Each one’s ability to be fully present, prepares us to participate in this cycle.

There is a Path of energy leading off the planet, some people are aligned to follow this path & assist others off our planet. (VY)


It’s happening ~ the embers are catching fire ~ for all who have carried their torch in the dark, consciousness is igniting.

“Synthesis Is.” (KS)


There was a stillness, a calm. From this space of emptiness, the chalice fills.

Science of triangles, the monad revealing triplicity.

The doorway is open, walk through. To be aware of the “Meaning” of our activities brings perception and participation. Through cooperation, more and more will be revealed and integrated into the world. (TJR)


Externalization of monad, great illumination, tremendous infusion of the light, brilliance, bright. There will be a planetary revelation/discovery. (ED)


The many different planes (levels of consciousness) interact and in this, we are becoming aware and uniting in a broader spectrum of Life.

More and more are holding we are ONE. If you just be, you can be part of it and interact ~ witnessing these ways and the greater things.

New download: Bring this through while standing firm. Bright energy, 6-pointed star radiates Earth and Heaven in Union. (SS)


This cycle, more Will is available. It’s time to initiate new Creativity. Guidance is coming through, hookups to the larger Purpose are being made. "We’re here and available."

Meditations together in group alignment, emphasizing new moon meditations, are necessary for needed grounding.

This year brings the fruition of many years of preparation. (HN)


Through some upcoming high-tech advance, science and spirituality come together. Holograms and matrixes, quantum physics, vibrational healing, morphic fields ~ knowledge comes from all this. (DC)

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2014 Meditation Impressions ~ May 26

In light of SouledOut's weekly focus around the mid-week New Moon …

We may open to the present opportunity for attunement to the most high and sacred alignment ~  throughout the new moon phase, beginning a few days before and continuing for the rest of the week following the exact new moon time on Wednesday 5/28.

This creative endeavor allows us to synchronize with the rhythm of the monthly cycle.

One simple method is to empty the mind of external influence and “just be”. Becoming as still as possible, each may find the channel to the Sea of Fire by utilizing SouledOut’s suggested Great Path of the Clear Plane Meditation technique.

Opening to Spirit, we bring through those pure energies available only in stillness. Rhythmic breathing further strengthens the integration.  

At the appropriate time, meditation impressions inevitably follow such preparation. Our united group approach creates a wide channel for Supreme Bliss to flow in and through, in Divine rhythm.

All are welcome to share impressions related to the SouledOut meditation themes as offered by way of our WeCycle Wisdom daily spiritual focus Calendar.

Stillness within one individual can affect society beyond measure.
- Bede Griffiths

very beautiful image!

very beautiful image!