Invoking The Divine ~ April 18

Invoking the Divine

Invoking the Divine

You who want knowledge, seek the Oneness within.
- Hadewijch of Antwerp

The energy of Synthesis, or universality, is available in abundance. Through invocative prayer and meditation, spiritual energies are tapped and brought into activity. Regular use of The Great Invocation causes powerful changes in human attitudes and purposes.

The Great Invocation expresses the basic needs of humanity today ~ the need for light and love, for understanding of Divine Will and for the end of aggressive selfishness. It was given in this time of world need for our use in cooperation with the working out of the Divine Plan. It can be used to increase the flow of creative energy through individuals, groups and organizations known to be in alignment with the Plan and with the principle of Synthesis.

The Great Invocation ~ Video

Your contributions to this week's meditation focus on the 2014 Aries Festival are most welcome, both on the inner planes where we may share subjectively about this event, as well as here on WeCycle Wisdom, where your impressions and comments are also valued.

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