Aries 2014 Meditation Impression

Based on SouledOut.Org's Aries Meditation and related writings.

It's coming through to me in a very strong way that we need affirm and strengthen our spiritual connections here on the planet. This serves two important purposes; 1, to ground some of the energies causing difficulties here on the planet. Secondly, as the meditation says, we are to create a united group channel through which the heavenly blessings can flow. Important messages are being delivered, "the wisdom of the sages passed down through the ages."

There is a key, that is necessary to understand, with this the first of the three Great Spiritual Festivals. It is preparatory, we are preparing ourselves for the next influx of Spiritual insight from divinity. We are getting ourselves ready, reestablishing all of these connections. We are connecting the great spiritual tradition of the west, the Christ the risen one, with that of the East, the Buddha. Understanding that there is a continuity in this, as it says in the meditation, "It is the beginning of our spiritual year and a continuation of our spiritual journey that unites us all in the Divine." 

This idea of Divine Love being directed at us, at times there has been a tendency for people on their spiritual journey to bask in this Divine Love. It is important that we need to insure that it grabs our intention, and we respond to it by participating in the working out of Divine ideas on our planet. It is about our participation, not just being blessed. "The Divine love that directs and perfects" ~ it is almost a simultaneous thing; we are given a new idea, a new direction, a course change. It causes us to change, both in direction and to change within, bringing about of a new perfection.

I sense a great change coming, and this change and the new rhythm it brings can cause difficulties. The whole image of the Christ rising, one can only imagine the chaos surrounding him at the time of his resurrection, while showing us the Light of Life, the Divine Light and Way. It is a powerful metaphor, for we must rise from the seeming chaos of our world to receive these Divine energies, so we may share the new way to be.

Ted J. Rucker