Wesak Festival Meditation ~ Audio ~ May 14

Wesak Meditation ~ Audio

Wesak Festival Meditation ~ Audio

Through the Buddha, the wisdom of God streams forth.
Through the Christ, the love of God manifests in humanity.
It is this wisdom and love which renews humanity each Wesak.

- The Work of the Buddha, the Christ and Humanity

We sense the Buddha and the Christ are alive within us. Together, they have created the channel for Divine energy to flow in and through all who wait and serve. The Wisdom, Love and Purpose filling our consciousness emanate from the very heart of God, as evidence of our Divine inner guidance.

Steadily and without cessation, the Divine plan is being revealed. The Christ and the Buddha show us, yet again, the potential for integrating the Way of Mind with the Way of the Heart.

Wesak 2014 ~ Video

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very holy meditation

Thank you for a most sublime and sacred meditation.