Trust in God

Trust in God

The Source of the Soul Illuminates
The true gifts of the Heart.
Much of the Trying that the Mind Directs
Knows not how to release and be Still in the Absolute
Reality of this Now Moment of God

Do you trust in God?
Can your Love of the Teachings of the Masters
Allow you to Hold your Soul
In the Heart of the Circle of Light?
To Serve a greater purpose
To Pledge your life
To the Teaching of the Masters
To Know the True Power of God
And allow that Power
To be used for the Good of All

To understand that you are One with God
And That this Gift
Outshines all other Rewards.

Hold true to the Light of the Highest
Believe in the Love
Of the One who Guides you.

The Miracle of this Moment
Is Present
Be alive in the Holy Spirit
That is Here with You Now

Thank you

Thank You for the Expression of the Divine Word Today.

You have blessed me in Delivering it Today.

Sinerely, Davita StarLight


I feel very blessed that you read and appreciated the words that come through me.