Balance ~ The Libran Way ~ May 22

Cosmic Paths

Balance ~ The Libran Way

As a mountain is unshaken by the wind,
so the heart of a wise person is unmoved by all the changes on this earth.

- The Buddha

In our focus this week on Principle of Decision, the Libran Way signifies access to the seven Cosmic Paths that comprise the choices available to masters taking the Decision Initiation.

The perfect balance of spirit and matter is demonstrated through Libra.

Libran Balance is exemplified in the objectivity of the blindfolded Lady Justice, who wields the Sword of Justice by looking from within to judge the relative weight of the scales she holds.

Attuning to the Rhythm of the Ages and the Rhythm of the Sages, we may look to Libra for guidance. We achieve Balance through our decisions, made with wisdom and integrity.

To balance the forces of one’s own nature requires discernment of the pairs of opposites. This recognition reveals the Path ahead that weaves between these dualities. In choosing the Middle Way, we become the Path. We’re now able to work with world forces, to preserve the equilibrium of the energies of the three worlds ~ physical, astral / emotional, and mental.

Even as the act of becoming the Path requires discipline to exact Balance and Equilibrium, doing so brings ~ and actually requires ~ Freedom from all illusion. In this, each is liberated to pursue and embody their most high alignment.

Simply said, achieving Balance requires Freedom of Choice.

The 3 Ds taught and exemplified by the Buddha ~ Detachment, Dispassion and Discrimination ~ are useful tools for achieving Balance and ultimately, Freedom.

Principle of Freedom

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