Song of the Seraph ~ May 23


Song of the Seraph of San Francisco

... From Regulus, DEDICATION
From Aldebaran, INTEGRATION
From Sirius, ILLUMINATION ...

Stars of greater magnitude
stars of lesser magnitude
how We love them!
How We love them all.

- Mary Esther Crump

One way to consider our place in the cosmos is by looking to the stars.

Through the stars, cosmic beings communicate with us. They belong to the great Spiritual Hierarchy, of which we are a part. We can see, our relationship to these embodied cosmic lives is as real as our relationship to our fellow beings in the world.

These great beings convey energies of Unity, Compassion, Freedom, and Cooperation to our Life and planet Earth.

Just as the stars and constellations were used for navigation by sailors to guide their ship's direction while no landmarks were visible … we may look to the Cosmic patterns appearing in the Night Sky for guidance.

... all the Great Lives that act as conduits in the Chain of Existences that stem all the way throughout the One Life down into and through vast cosmic lives, our solar system, Shamballa, Hierarchy, and Humanity, thence down into each of the lower Kingdoms of Nature on Earth. The Whole of Creation will eventually become imbued with Living Light.
                        - Nancy Connally

We now affirm our service as a channel for these Cosmic Lives as they guide us ever closer to our Divine Destiny.

Highlights ~ Aldebaran

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