Taurus~ Wesak Festival ~ Meditation Impressions

The Wesak Festival full moon during Taurus occurs on April 28.

All who participate in SouledOut.org's Wesak Festival of Shamballa Global Meditation
are invited to share impressions here, in response to this thread.

Out of the Chaos ... Illumined

    Out of the Chaos Comes Clarity of Purpose.
    Illumined Mind Reveals Our Purpose

I am resonating stronly with this theme.
This last winter was a difficult time for me as I struggled with some personal chaos.

I felt real hope from the Out of the Chaos theme.
I hope others appreciate this image that appeared on a nasa website yesterday.

( The image comes from http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap100419.html )


Incredible Images of the Volcano

Thanks for posting this Ernie, and here are a couple of links that have been sent our way to see photos of the volcano from nearby it:


Universe Today