Essential Divinity ~ May 27

Essential Divinity

Principle of Essential Divinity

The relationship of one’s inner ability to see the planes of the sphere and articulate
your body in those planes of reality, then your body, being the center, becomes the
transcendental gateway beyond space-time to awaken in you the whole of reality.

- Thomas Belisle

The first factor revealing Divinity is Synthesis. This tendency runs through all nature, all consciousness, and is Life itself. The motivating urge of God, Spirit, the Monad, is towards union and at-one-ment.

Essential Divinity is the inherent quality underlying the Life aspect ~ all that is.

It is this Life, this Fire, Spirit, and synthesizing energy that gives livingness to the expression of Divine truths in the manifested form life. The microcosm reflects the Macrocosm, and therefore each human being is related to God through essential similarity. The reality of this divine essence at the heart of the evolutionary process has provided the incentive for humanity's steady movement into greater knowledge, wisdom and wider inclusiveness.

The animating current energizes the Life Force at the core of all creation, that essential divinity which permeates every aspect of consciousness. This Reality has been called Monadic Essence ~ as well as Purpose, Power, Will, Life ~ the Presence.

From the realm of the Originator of all that exists straight through the seven dimensions of incarnated life, including the personality ~ the monadic consciousness of that Absolute Being links every aspect, form, and vehicle with every other. And humanity itself is the veiled expression of that Greater Life, engaged in a vast experiment in form, in a seemingly endless journey through cycles of incarnation, and increasingly unveiling that essential Divinity within ~ uniting Heaven with earth, infusing matter with Spirit, and eventually, at the end of the process, releasing the imprisoned Reality into full expression.

Each human being is essentially divine, held in form by a current of Life Energy flowing from the inmost Being to the lowest anchoring point on the levels of manifesting appearance. There is no escape from this continuous flow of divine energy. When the current of energy ceases, the human unit returns to the Source, back to that realm from which the cycle of incarnations issued forth.

Inner Divinity is the fundamental, universal energy or life underlying all forms on earth ~ the omnipresence of God/Spirit ~ God Immanent. The inner revelation of this principle illuminates your relationship to the One Life and your interdependence with all parts of that greater Whole.
                      - Meditation Mount, Ojai

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