The Second Coming Occurs Inside ~ June 5

Second Coming Occurs Inside

The Second Coming Occurs Inside

Our ability to experience the truth of Christ’s great Life and Love comes from choosing a pathway of Light, Love and Power.

This truth is revealed through alignment to the Oneness of All Life ~ the Yoga of Synthesis.

A New Earth is arising across the dimensional threshold.
And the Immortal Child is smiling ...

From the center of Divine Light pervading the Universe,
Let Light stream forth to all that lives.
Let Light radiate in the heart of each being.

From within the Light emanating from every being,
Let Love stream forth to the heart of all human beings.
Let Love radiate upon the Earth.

Within all that lives, a glorious Purpose is being manifested,
A Will to be and love which calls upon all of us.
May we open our hearts and listen to Its Voice.

From within our being streams forth a desire to serve,
To give and share, so that Peace may prevail on Earth.
May Love for all Life guide us from this moment on.

Let Light, Love, Peace, Harmony, Compassion,
Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy, Healing,
Joy, Bliss and Perfection prevail in every heart.

We invoke the reappearance of the Christ … producing this magnanimous event through demonstration of Christ-like qualities surrounded by harmlessness and goodwill.

Thursday Meditation for the Reappearance of the Christ

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June 5 is World Environment Day

Adaptation of The Great Invocation is from Earth Rainbow Network