Goodwill Festival Ritual ~ Rededication of Service ~ June 10

Goodwill Festival Ritual

The seed of the Great Silence leads to the knowledge of the Great Service.
- Leaves of Morya’s Garden, The Call

Goodwill Festival Ritual ~ Rededication of Service

At the full moon during Gemini, there is a festival in the heavens. This occurs each year as the moon enters the white ether of the Milky Way. It heralds reunion, true kinship, and is the place of cosmic consciousness. It is a place within the galactic magnetic field. From here we receive an exceptional spiritual outpouring into our hearts from the spiritual Sun, Sirius. This galactic magnetic field carries this blessing to ALL on Earth during this time. Its highest effect is world unity.

As individuals, we may participate in the Festival of Goodwill from wherever we are on the planet. This heartfelt effort assists humanity in achieving the unification conducive to bringing about changes in every arena of world affairs.

If we are able to take the present opportunity, through right motivation and wise discrimination the spiritual power will be added to solve the problems affecting people in all nations.

All who seek right human relations, seeing no true or basic difference between religions and nations, comprise the New Group of World Servers. They may be aligned with any of the great world religions, yet in no way interfere with the allegiances or beliefs of others.

All areas of human life are met by the harmonizing presence of people of goodwill, who are to be found working in every political, educational and economic group.

As world servers, each of us is called now to rededicate our service to humanity and the One Life. We may do so in our observation of the Festival of Goodwill, whether we choose to do so in group formation or while alone on the physical plane.

Altar Your Reality

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