Redeeming Light Of Love

The Redeeming Light of Love

Allow the absolute Purity
Of the One Light of God
to Find a Home in Your Heart….
And remember the Love that brought you here

A love so Strong that it can Carry you Straight to the Place
Where you can Forgive and be Forgiven….
You can Believe and Understand
Why you are meant to Believe….

And you may find the Source of the Souls Living Spirit….
And it may Redeem your faith…
And give you a purpose
That allows you to be aligned with God’s Plan….

Listen, Listen Messengers of God..
It is time to be blessed by the Holy Spirit…
To love with the Passion of Christ…
And Be baptized with the Bliss of God’s Light…

We can Bring Heaven to Earth
If we join together as One

I believe that if we join

I believe that if we join hands together,we'll be able to surpass all the challenges brought by oil spill.It's just a matter of time to make every thing alright.The oil spill Gulf of Mexico 2010 disaster seems to be getting a little better. Crews are not even close to fixing the oil spill problem, but they are taking large strides towards getting there. Today crews had the ability to plug one of the 3 leaking holes. This hasn't slowed down the 210,000 gallons of oil spewing out daily, however it's a step. BP is still working tirelessly on identifying solutions which will really function. A four story dome is on its way towards the spill to try and cap one of the leaks as well, with a second one in the process of being made to cape a final hole.