Law of Right Human Relations ~ June 17


No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.
- Aesop

Law of Right Human Relations

Powerful assistance will be provided by that extraplanetary Intelligence known to the Hierarchy as the Spirit of Peace and of Equilibrium, according to Bailey's The Reappearance of the Christ. This Spirit of Peace is said to work through the Prince of Peace, as the Christ is sometimes called, and through the loving, understanding and inclusive consciousness focused in the Christ and also potently present and growing ever stronger in every human heart.

What is peace? The Tibetan defines it as "essentially the establishing of right human relations" ... and "an illumined loving understanding of the will of God as it affects humanity and works out divine intent."

The energy of the Spirit of Peace is directed toward the task of bringing peace eventually to humanity, through the expression of that goodwill which will bring about right human relations.

The first impact of the energy of the Spirit of Peace, the Tibetan informs us, was unconsciously registered by humanity in May 1936, about the time the original stanza of The Great Invocation was released. A second impact was experienced (still unconscious to a large extent) in June 1945, when the final version of this Invocation was released, which we recite today.

A third impact was released in the year 2000, which continues to be felt today and assimilated. We are told that this inflow is to bring humanity into direct contact with Shamballa ~ the will, or highest aspect, of deity.

Having at these times directly increased the consciousness of humanity, the Will of God serves to awaken the latent Will-to-Good in the souls of all people. When dynamically awakened, this Will-to-Good will stimulate the expression of goodwill in receptive hearts and minds. Aware world disciples can invoke and thus evoke the inflow of the dynamic energy of the Will-to-Good in order to awaken goodwill within the human consciousness.

As in right human relations, the energy of Love-Wisdom stimulates the tendency toward goodwill, producing a mental development that can transmute the knowledge, accumulated through the ages, into Wisdom.

Everything now depends upon the right action of the people of goodwill, we are also told. As the work goes forward in the effort to establish right human relations, expressed through goodwill, the Christ and the Hierarchy will steadily approach closer to humanity.

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