Law of Spiritual Approach - June 19

Law of Spiritual Approach

The types of that revelation may vary but each new revelation ~
given in response to human need and demand ~ has ever led humanity
onward towards a steadily brightening goal and a greater glory.

- Alice A. Bailey

Law of Spiritual Approach

Spiritual Approach refers to the cyclical relationship between spirit and matter, as facilitated through the kingdoms of life.

We live in a time and space of accelerated spiritual approach, increasing the fluidity of contact between the myriad of all forms of life. This current phase is characterized by a great increase in consciousness.

We see evidence of this development in mass communications technology, the internet, and computing devices, all serving as extensions to the capacity of human mind. This awareness penetrates the “raincloud of knowable things” to assist with reinforcing the channel of knowledge that is available for the application of creative impulse.

One way we may experience spiritual approach is through the science of invocation. As we approach spirit, Divine Life responds according to the needed inflow.

Yet another manner for participation in Divine Purpose is through the science of impression. The purity of our invocative approach increases the clarity of the channel for impression, and for our receptivity to the truth contained therein.

Presently, through hierarchical endeavor combined with human effort, a great alignment and linking is developing. More directly than ever before, the Monad, the Soul and the personality are related.

Through further development of the practice of spiritual approach, in group alignment, humanity is to be lifted unto the spiritual kingdom.

Your contributions to this week's meditation focus, beginning June 15 on the Divine Truths, are most welcome ~ both on the inner planes where we may share subjectively in receptivity, as well as here on WeCycle Wisdom, where your impressions and comments are also valued.

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