Fixed Cross ~ Teltane ~ August 1

We have the innate ability to send and receive energy, and loving intention is the director of
this impactful light. We are ultimately formed from the light that we send. We are the Light.

- Jeff Andrews

Fixed Cross

Considering the available energies at any particular time, one grounding practice is to work with the exoteric and esoteric mantrams for the influencing zodiacal constellation.

Particularly for those signs or constellations on the Fixed Cross, these represent the choices presently available to the lightworker on the path.

For Leo, one of four signs on the Fixed Cross (besides Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus), the two sayings associated with direction and decision mark the sacrifice of the individuated self ...

Self-rule through initial conflict, carried to a successful issue and blessed by the beneficence of Jupiter, is the true history of the advanced Leo aspirant, and this thought and the objective result of this realization is summed up for us in the two word mottoes of this sign:

And the Word said:

Let other forms exist. I rule because I am.
I am That and That am I.

I Am - the Word of the self-conscious, selfish, individual Leo.
I Am That - the Word of the Leo subject who is rapidly gaining the higher consciousness and preparing for fresh and universal expression in Aquarius.

- Alice A Bailey, Esoteric Astrology

Once the soul-infused personality instrument has made the appropriate surrender, as called for in transferring one’s orientation from the horizontal (or physical) plane onto the recognition of THAT, namely the Divine essence within.

Having recognized one’s true identity as such, it is then possible and actually necessary to align to the nature of the Soul in group formation, this emanates from the monad, and one method of inducing said alignment is to simply attune to monadic consciousness, to its essential quality.

Planetary Rhythms ~ Teltane

The Sun’s annual rotation around the Earth is marked by 8 points which are recognized through the aeons, four of which are the solstices and equinoxes.

The points halfway in between these are also traditionally regarded as pivotal points. We are now, on August 1 known as Teltane, halfway between the June solstice and the autumn equinox.

The ritual associated with Teltane by the Celts celebrated the marriage between Lugh, the Sun, and Eire, the Earth. This cosmic mating of the spirit and form was brings Life itself to the creation and maintenance of harmony.

This observation in present time allows us to balance yin and yang, as a sacred task that each of us takes on toward restoring harmony and abundance not only in the personal life, but also as a sacred task on behalf of our entire planet.

We can now participate in a living demonstration of a rhythmic life allows for greater awareness of the synthesis aspect of the One Life we all share.

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