Hiroshima World Peace Ceremony ~ August 5

Peace in the world depends on peace in the hearts of individuals;
this depends on each of us practising ethics by disciplining our negative
thoughts and emotions, and developing basic spiritual qualities.

- His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama

Hiroshima World Peace Ceremony

August 5 in the western world countries marks the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945, at 8:15 am JST on 8/6.

For those who wish to observe this moment by ringing bells followed by prayers for peace, the exact time is 4:15 pm PDT / 7:15 pm EDT / 23:15 UT on August 5.

Since 1984, this commemoration has been observed as Universal Peace Day. The goal is for people around the world to connect in order to transform the remembrance of horror into a rededication of life.

In the spirit of universal oneness, many interfaith observations are taking place over the next two days, all over the globe.

To the Glory of the One!

World Religion Prayers for Peace

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Ringing the Earth Bell Foundations and Raising the Dragon's Head

As We prepare to Join into Universal Peace Bell Ringing, on this Day Humanity Dropped the Atomic ~ Pluto related Bomb upon Humanity....disrupting the Path of the "Earth Chakra's" Azure Feathered Serpent meridian,

i've been hearing the Stones and Rock foundations of our Planet ask for vibrational Healing...Stones that Hold the Soul/s of the Earth to it's Heart and Centre....Stones that carry the Pain and suffering of a planetary organism with Humanity as the Cosmic Voice Chakra and Akashic Record of a World Age....

"Enough already !", the stones seem to say,...."clear us the MINERAL KINGDOM, that we too may hold the Violet Flame Vibrational NOTE in the Centre"....

The Wailing Wall of the Temple has called, asking for redemption as have the Stones of the Temple of Solomon crying out that the Cosmic Curtain rended may be vibrated and radiated whole.

The Earth Throat chakra of the Pyramids and Gaza Strip...STONES again asking for the Liberation of Sound and Bound HUMAN effort........ Earth's Chakra of Compassion's  Divine Order and Artistic  expression.....a Chakra and Land Sentience divided against itself....Requiring the releasing of a yoke of a burden of defiant WILL of Bondage to Old Gods and Avatar Manifestation....

The Horn of Africa is reminding us of it's Obelisiks of Communication and Vibration, connecting  the Globally Dispered Oblesiks in stragtegic planetary postions to Sound the Frequency of the Earth's Heart Liberation....and Cephus who Bound the Feminine Soul Vibrating a Throne in the Stars.....on the Circle of the Draco Crown....

Mysterious RingStones of Power and Sound Frequency have been Constructed in South Africa....with ancestral rumours of Annunaki as the Source of "Life Force as Commodity" in images of Humanity as Cloned Slaves for ECONOMIC PURPOSES.....an Archtypal story of Human and Mineral Desecration that continues to repeat itself in manifest and story form....suggestions of the EARTH SOUND AS BELL revealed in the Very Stones that can SING OUT for the Cause of RESTORATION OF DIVINE CIRCULITORY FLOW AND A THRIVING Universal SENTIENCE.....

the Eye of the Dragon of EARTH in the Power of Victoria Falls and the Notes of FLOWING WISDOM and SHIVA POWER.....

The Summer Triangle Whispers that it's Notes want to Join in a Fusion of Earth's threefold Personality of Humanity  with THE ONE SOUL...

The "Archangel's Call" and SOUND that Awakens the ONE HEART AND MIND OF Earth as it is in the Cosmic White Ether Places.....

Reading of the Ritual of the Sand Kalachakra mandala, i "see" the Dali Lama sit upon the Throne Seat of the Cosmic Heart of Shamballa........where Cephus used to keep us in Bondage

THE THRONE OF the BLACK MADONNA and the LAP OF GREAT MOTHER ISIS, as Sirius Prepares it's Emergence from the Labyrinth's of our Planetary Memory and "CONTAINMENT" of that which No LONGER SERVES in the fulfillment of our Divine Destiny.


Truly...Let's Ring those Bells today with Full Aligned Heart,Mind and Body to Be Filled with the ONE SOUL.

Krishna's Birthday and the Dormition and Ascension of the Sacred Feminine Are Joint Celebrations still coming and a new Cosmic Garment for The Wings of Life's Eternity and a Transforming Stellar Consciousness.