Global Peace Meditation on Friday, August 8

Peace is more than the cessation of hostilities;
it is ultimately a state of consciousness that is
aligned with a higher will and purpose.

- Meditation Mount, Ojai

Enlightened Public Opinion

In our focus on Peace, both in the world and for our SouledOut weekly alignment, we utilize the art and science of Invocation and Evocation for this present time service.

As we unite in group meditation it’s essential to participate according to our inspiration, invoking the very highest energies available.

Chopra Center Global Meditation for Peace    
Friday, August 8, 2014
9:00 am PDT ~ 12:00 noon EDT ~ 16:00 UT
Create a tipping point for a global shift,
for a peaceful, healthier world.
Sign up to join in the largest synchronized
meditation in history.
Share the event with friends and family.

Livestream Broadcast

Our meditative work requires that we purify our vehicles in order to become magnetic as well as radiatory of spiritual energies.

To dispel the illusion and glamour surrounding peace, we relinquish any and all pictures based on judgmental perspectives that inhibit free expression.

As we recognize and ground to the Oneness of all life, we take responsibility for ourselves and for maintaining our place within the whole of Life.

Our service is simply to Be Peace.

Joy = Peace

Tag, You’re It!

Turn from the Drama,
They will work it out ~

We are Destined for something far greater than this ...


Sirius Reappears

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Global Meditation Audio

Sirius Festival

In preparation for the both the Chopra Center Peace Meditation event
as well as for the August 10 Leo~Sirius Festival ... feel free to utilize

SouledOut's Leo~Sirius Audio Meditation