Harmony Through Synthesis and Joy

Love is harmony, even in discord.
- Master Kan, Kung Fu

Conflict and turmoil in today’s world are evidence of the 4th Ray’s influence in present time.

As Lightworkers, how do we work with the 4th Ray?

We may effectively invoke SYNTHESIS. We see All as One, aligning to the larger, cosmic scope of life that recognizes all as energy in dispelling glamor and illusion.

In this endeavor we’re told, "... synthesis is, whilst unity is achieved and is the reward of action and effort." (1)

Through what effort do we further engender Harmony in our world?

A wise activity we may utilize now is to apply JOY to all world crises, and Simply Be Peace.

Let The Flame of Joy
Light The World

Let us cultivate JOY as one would most precious blossoms.
Abysses have been crossed by joy and trust.
Not only courage, but Joy makes you invulnerable ...

The peace which lies ahead is the serenity of JOY ...
born from the higher Self out of loving understanding,
untouched by circumstance.
Already the night of world pain yields to the clear, pure light of JOY.

Luminous is JOY, quality of the transpersonal Self ...
effect of group consciousness.

Let serene and loving JOY be the keynote of my life,
carrying healing energy to all!


(1) A Treatise on White Magic, Alice A. Bailey, p. 85

(2) Agni Yoga, Fiery World II, 258 and 110