Sirius~Leo Festival Meditation~Audio ~ August 9

August, ruled by Leo, is the month of the Dog-star, Sirius.
Leo in the cosmic sense is ruled by Sirius.
The major full moon festival in August
will be dedicated to making contact with Sirian force.

- Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology

Sirius~Leo Cosmic Festival Meditation ~ Audio

To the present Sirius~Leo Festival, we bring with us the upwelling of spiritual energies created during the Three Spiritual Festival cycle.

As the spiritual focus of the new week and for this lunar cycle, we connect our hearts with the global heart center. Together with our Spiritual Hierarchy we align with the heart of the Sun, creating a stream of energy extending all the way to Sirius.

We're now able to receive the inflow of Sirian energy.

The energy of Sirius evokes Electric Fire, the Will aspect of Divinity, and arrives here as pure Love.

This Sirian Love fills us, bringing to our heart and mind the awareness that our planetary purpose is related to the expression of Love.

Especially at this time, we can sense Humanity's Oneness with the potent star Sirius. Love guides us.

United as One, we are the agent for great change on our planet. We can ~ and will ~ change our world. In this endeavor, we step ever closer to our collective Divine Destiny.

The Leo Full Moon is one of the most important from the hierarchical point
of view. At this time Sanat Kumara is said to recognize the entire
Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, including all new members.

- Michael D. Robbins, Morya Federation


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