The 7 Cosmic Paths ~ August 16

Life is an entity expressing itself through galactic bodies.
- John Berges

The 7 Cosmic Paths

Cosmic Oneness is a natural progression from alignment to Sirius, as we now turn our attention to the conceptual truth that All Are One.

The 7 Cosmic Paths available to Spiritual Masters of high degree provide insight into the channels through which energies stream as they connect our Earth to the greater Cosmos.

These streams of energies are the context in which each individual human being attains monadic consciousness, and through which our planetary Purpose is imparted to us.

Especially in challenging times such as these, we are guided to align to our Divine Purpose. As we meditate to develop greater insight and a general understanding of our part within the whole ...

Our Purpose Reveals Our Direction
Our Direction Reveals Our Purpose

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The Possible Future and Eventual Processes of Identification


Later in this article,  perhaps we can get a glimmer of the long range plans and on the vast significance of Humanity’s destiny and eventual GLORY.  But first, we might think of the immediate issue and what steps can be taken to enhance our cooperative service for humanity.  It is important that our timing in this work  correctly cooperates with divine cycles.  So many disciples are now working on this goal and striving to devise the means and methods of giving the needed help.

The Divine Plan always implements the Purpose at any given point in time.  Each part of the Plan to implement the larger Purpose is done in cyclic stages.

Many members of humanity have by this time developed integrated personalities; many have taken the first and second initiations and there are also many initiates of the third degree and higher present at this time to aid the work being done.  When the Christ reappears, vast numbers of Humanity who have not already done so, will take the first and second initiations.  The planned eventual outcome  is to help bring onto the earth the Kingdom of the Soul, which will occur when humanity takes the Third Initiation, and our task at the present time is To Prepare the Way for that momentous happening.  At the time of the third initiation, humanity will touch into Monadic consciousness and the thought forms that will help enhance understanding have to do with building into the culture the idea of Identification with the Whole, in much the same way as the spiritual texts and writings have guided so many of us in the right direction.

It is also valuable to realize that beyond this world changing happening, there will be a further process of at-onement of the Soul with the Spirit, as outlined in the first few paragraphs below, for the long awaited fruition that Hierarchy has worked to assist with for eons.

The Masters have told us that the burning ground of the dead personality (which lies between the Hall of Learning and the Hall of Wisdom) has to be passed prior to the third initiation.  This might help explain all of the horrific events that we see transpiring at the present time.  Humanity has reached an important milestone and will become increasingly ready to hear  and appreciate the Good, the Beautiful and the True when presented to it through all creative avenues.

It seems that the shattering of the Great Illusion that many suffer from, that each person or thing or race or culture, or religion are separate entities, not connected to any others must take place.  Prior to the third initiation the revelation of the divinity within all forms is recognized by the disciple, and of course, Humanity is the World Disciple must also have this recognition.  Once a disciple has succeeded in becoming in touch with the divinity within themselves, and they can then be can be impressed with the FACT that this same divinity lies within all.

Master DK tells us that “The greatest problem facing aspirants and disciples prior to the third initiation is that of comprehending the nature of identification.  This concerns (in the first instance) the relation of the self to the Self and of all selves to the all-inclusive SELF.  It involves the mystery of duality with which they are occupied, and the very moment that theory as to essential unity becomes definite realisation, then the realm of synthesis is entered.  For that type of realisation, language as we now have it has no words, and it is therefore impossible to formulate concepts to interpret the consequent and resultant state of being.  "Identification with" is the phrase which approaches the closest to the initial idea, and until man has grasped his identical at-one-ness with even one human being, it is not possible for him even to think about it in any truly constructive manner.

One thing we can do as we read, study and meditate to make ourselves better fit for the task at hand is to keep always in the forefront of our minds that Humanity, the World Disciple, either is or will be going through the same stages we are going through, the same recognitions and perhaps revelations.  All of us are both receivers and transmitters and now the whole of humanity may be close to or in some cases thirsty for what we can transmit.  The New Group of World Servers is such a vast group and increasingly becoming sensitive to the larger issues of a world wide ‘Divine Conspiracy’ to aid and serve the whole.

Given the mental development of vast numbers of the human family, the New Age seems to require, is to connect the idea that all humans are souls; Divinity lives within every form and within every kingdom of nature; every planet, Sun, Galaxy and indeed the Whole of Cosmos with the largest picture of what possibilities may lie in the future for all of us, as outlined in the “Seed Thought or Key Sound” mentioned at the end of this article.  This planting of the seed thought that will flower forth at the appropriate time is part of the responsibility for all who are pledged to help humanity.

Of course we know that the masses of humanity are probably not too interested in some of the more esoteric facts, but they would benefit from beginning to think in terms of the Cosmos and our place in it, and that humanity and our earth have a part to play within this  Great Whole.

The ways of Teaching of the past must give way to Identification with the Whole, and if we are doing our job correctly launching creative activites that bring this synthetic vision down to earth, we are creating a new path of spiritual evolution and we are indeed practicing the Yoga of Synthesis.


As we ponder on the significance of Humanity’s destiny and eventual GLORY:  to establish an outpost of the Consciousness of God in the solar system; To found upon earth a powerhouse of such potency and a focal point of such energy that humanity—as a whole—can be a factor in the solar system, bringing about changes and events of a unique nature in the planetary life and lives (and therefore in the system itself) and inducing an interstellar activity;  To develop a station of light, through the medium of the fourth kingdom in nature, which will serve not only the planet, and not only our particular solar system, but the seven systems of which ours is one; To set up a magnetic centre in the universe, in which the human kingdom and the kingdom of souls will, united or at-oned, be the point of most intense power, and which will serve the developed Lives within the radius of the radiance of the One About Whom Naught May Be Said), we might ask ourselves of what importance is this information to us at this moment?  It may be of importance that the Seed Thought or “key sound” for the next revelation of the Ageless Wisdom will deal with this Whole Picture and the nature of our cosmic connections—a new path of spiritual evolution.

Master DK writes in Esoteric Astrology, p. 563 that “It should be noted that there are seven forms of light, related to the substance of the seven planes. These are stimulated and enhanced by the twelve forms of light of the twelve Creative Hierarchies, related each of them to one or other of the twelve signs of the zodiac. On this I may not enlarge as it concerns the mysteries of the higher initiations. I simply make the statement so that it may be appreciated by you as an occult fact to the proof of which you may not yet have access. A paralleling statement would be that the light of the seven centres in man (when enhanced by the light of the seven planetary centres) and the five kingdoms in nature (7+5=12), plus the twelve lights of the zodiac will produce a consummation of "light" effectiveness which will make possible the expression of the whole. This, through the medium of humanity. This is a basic statement which means little to you as yet but which will—in the next century—form a seed thought or "key sound" for the next revelation of the Ageless Wisdom.” (underlining added)

We know that each of the initiations brings one or other of the seven centres into full functioning activity on one or other of the seven cosmic physical planes.  At the Seventh Initiation, which all of humanity will take in a distant future, all the centres will have been brought into full flower through the influence of the Zodiacal signs in all Three Crosses, the Mutable, Fixed and Cardinal.  All the Pairs of Opposites on every plane will have become at-oned and all 12 of these the Zodiacal energies can focus and produce a complete expression of Divinity, as it is intended eventually to express itself through humanity on this planet.  This fusion of the Monad, Soul and Personality will eventually give us the power to include and the full expression simultaneously, in time and space, of the vertical and the horizontal life, and produce a complete expression of Divinity, as it is intended eventually to express itself through humanity on this planet.

The zodiacal wheel is itself essentially a cosmic centre; it is a twelve-petalled lotus (note: we know the Heart Centre is a 12 petalled Lotus), but it is a twelve-petalled lotus within the thousand-petalled lotus of an unknown cosmic Entity, the One referred to as the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID.

When the work of the 3 crosses is completed, we will be in alignment with the zodiacal wheel in the heart centre in the head  of our Cosmic Logos, also called the Cosmic Creative Centre.  So right here on earth we will eventually be able to express the Love Wisdom of the Cosmic Heart Centre in the 1,000 petalled lotus of Our Cosmic Logos, through all the linking lives which include our Sun,  along with the Creative activity of the Third Ray, which conditions the personality of our planetary Logos who we are told has a First Ray Monad and a Second Ray Soul.

When all 12 of these energies can express themselves through us, we are directly connected to our Cosmic Source, through our Great Solar Logos, Himself part of the Heart Centre of this “Unknown God”.  THIS IS LIFE MORE ABUNDANT.  We can see why the phrase "God is Love" is really our planetary keynote.

This could not be accomplished by our earthly humanity without the wise and loving assistance of Sirius and the Law of Karma which teaches us to choose rightly from the level of the Soul and not the personality, and leads us finally to GLORY.


To The Glory of the One!


(1) The Light of the Soul, The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali, p. 215 (AAB/DK)

Infinity I, 200. The centers of Cosmos are identical with the centers of man.

Man bears within himself all manifestations of cosmos. Significant are the evidences in man of the functions of Cosmos. When he reflects in himself all cosmic functions, he measures through himself the possibilities evidenced in Cosmos.

The Agni Yogi-Lion of the Desert-bears in his heart all human lamentations. He bears all explosions of Cosmos and senses all shiftings of consciousness. He bears all the streamings of cosmic currents. He possesses that synthesizing knowledge which attests the gathering of manifested spirits for the regeneration of consciousness. When a synthesis of spirit is built, from the cosmic fires and the psycho-life of the heart, then man can be told that the centers of cosmic fires show analogy to the centers of Cosmos, that this parallel relation can grant a better life, and that the principle of creativeness is established as infinite fire, as infinite vision, as infinite hearing, as the all-containing heart. 

Strive toward attestation of the Fire of Infinity!