Sea of Fire Meditation ~ Audio ~ August 24

Know that life can only be found in the present moment.
- Thich Nhat Hanh

Sea of Fire Meditation ~ Audio

In honor of the present time new moon energies we suggest utilizing the meditation at this link, both text and audio formats.

Leading into this auspicious phase endng the Leo full moon cycle with tomorrow / Monday’s new moon (7:13 am PDT / 14:13 UT) … the Sun on Friday came together with the star Regulus, in the constellation Leo.

Regulus is known to be a lens for Sirius, and following this cosmic annual alignment, we may seek and find available energies that are manifesting through the stream connecting Sirius ~ Regulus in Leo ~ the Sun together with Earth’s moon at the same zodiacal degree ~ and the Earth and Humanity.

The new moon phase offers a haven within the stillness available now.

We now may seek and find conducive access to the Phata ~ a.k.a. the Pothos, referenced in this Ageless Wisdom quote ~

... when the wind (spirit) became enamored of its own principles (the chaos),
an intimate union took place, which connection is called Pothos,
and from this sprang the seed of all.

- Helena Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled

It is the Phata that contains and holds in trust the ultimate essence, the spark of Life itself. This seeming emptiness is anything but void … as reflected in this excerpt from Nicholas Roerich’s poem “Flame in Chalice” that alludes to the nature and sacredness of the Phata ~


“Guard, tell me why
Thou dost close this door? What
So constantly dost thou guard?”

“I guard
The secret of this chamber.”

“But empty is the
Chamber. Worthy people
Have declared: ‘There is nothing.’”

“The secret of the chamber I know.
To guard it, I am appointed.”

“But empty is thy chamber!"

“For thee it is empty!” answered the guard.

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Sea of Fire Meditation and accompanying thoughts