New Group of World Servers ~ August 25

A World Server is one who uses the mind
simply as a tool and works from the Soul.
The energy flows through them to serve the world.


New Group of World Servers ~ Video

This 10-minute meditative video shares about the qualities that comprise the New Group of World Servers as a united organism.

In that we, as the NGWS, have envisioned and now function as a grid of light over all the Earth that connects the light of every Lightworker and each sacred energy vortex, together we form the Chalice ~ the Holy Grail for conveying spiritual energies on behalf of the One Life.

Emerging from today / Monday’s new moon (7:13 am PDT / 14:13 UT) there is opportunity to unite in spirit with the world group as a grounding alignment for the Virgo lunar cycle.

Joined together in service, this strengthens our vehicle of expression as the planetary grid of light ~ The Chalice.

Last month we tuned into the Cycles and Rhythms of the NGWS and are reminded that the 2014-2015 annual spiritual year is a pivotal cycle, one for which it is vital for us to unify as One Soul.

In this light, our focus over the emerging Virgo lunar cycle will explore the Chalice and all that it contains.

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