Virgo ~ The Sacred Feminine ~ August 30

The “Divine Feminine”, “Return of the Feminine”, the Sacred Feminine” are all
metaphors for the return to higher consciousness. When we balance male and
female aspects of  the Self we come into our power. The return of the feminine is
not about women ruling society; that would create imbalance. It is about the
return to masculine and feminine aspect in harmony, yin and yang reunited
so both hemispheres of the brain are working in balance.

- Annie Meredith

Virgo, the Virgin

Virgo epitomizes the Divine Female. She holds the sacred seed, representing the impregnation of matter with the pure essence of Spirit itself.

As the Mother aspect, Virgo reveals and circulates the ultimate Glory of the One Life. In this context, we are exploring Nurturing and Healing for the coming week leading up to the full moon on September 8.

The Divine Feminine ignites the threefold flame within the heart ~ the flames of Love, Wisdom and Power, which are so desperately needed in our world. This act fills us with Love and helps us transform all discordant tendencies for a spiritual metamorphosis.

The Sacred Feminine is coming into an ever more exalted place, as we are now moving into a new world cycle of grand potential.

Imbued with the gems and jewels of past expreience, the Sacred Feminine influence is now initiating an enlightened future by creating a a new story presently in the heavens and within us. What it means to be feminine, to use our sacred feminine energy in the world of manifestation, is being rescripted and rewritten.

The Divine Mother gestates to reveal the birth of a new age characterized by the true spiritual Principles and Laws of the Soul. Virgo, the Cosmic Mother, imparts to Humanity her sacred gift of Love ~ the birth of the Christ consciousness in the human Heart.

The Sacred Feminine

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