World Peace Prayers ~ September 22

Love and peace are eternal.
- John Lennon ~ Just Imagine

World Peace Prayers

The promise of Peace is implicit in the Ageless Wisdom cosmology. Indeed, it is up to us as light workers to usher in the era in which Peace eventuates for all on planet Earth.

For this to occur requires group alignment in order to develop a Peace-oriented bandwagon of increasing momentum. Each time we rise above judgement in order to bring harmony into divisive situations … each time we withdraw from energies that threaten the safe and constructive flow of life … each time we apply the higher level of consciousness to replace disruptive accusations … this brings a more enlightened awareness into present time and space.

Of course, these kinds of actions require wisdom that comes from experience. Through practice, we learn to wield energies in a redirecting tack that transmutes the trajectory from negative descent into positive orientation.

As we've suggested here on WeCycle Wisdom in our exploration of Peace, one wise manner of increasing Peace in our world is through the application of Joy in all facets of life.

Learn to feel joy ~ a joy which is based on the knowledge that humanity has always triumphed and passed onward and forward in spite of apparent failures and the destruction of past civilisations; a joy, which is founded upon the unshakable belief that all men are souls, and that "points of crisis" are factors which are of proven usefulness in calling in the power of that soul, both in the individual man, in a race, or in humanity as a whole; a joy which is related to the bliss which characterises the soul on its own level whereon the form aspects of manifestation do not dominate. Ponder on these thoughts and remember you are grounded in the centre of your Being and can, therefore, see the world truly and with no limited vision; you can stand unperturbed, knowing the end from the beginning and realising that love will triumph.
             - Alice A. Bailey, Discipleship in the New Age I

An important hint in the above passage is to recognize that all people are souls, and as such they are not the behavior they may exemplify when acting out. The antidote to that kind of negative behavior may not bring immediate results, though eventually a balanced perspective will assist by way of example. Best as possible, we are called to behave as paragons of soulic behavior that demonstrates this essential truth ~ we are all One.

Joy is the outstanding quality of the Soul. In this, we’re able to find and exhibit Joy through Soul contact.

Once we contact the Soul and its unique vibration, we can elicit vibrational attunement to Joy. In doing so we’re able to maintain this example as needed. This allows us to rise above polarities that arise, and to serve as the grounder of charged energies that flare up.

Our ability to see and hold that love will triumph for the implementation of Peace as having already been realized ~ to act as if it is so ~ aligns us as an etheric Peace march in which we may all participate. Our endeavor to hold steady in the light of this demonstration will become the powerful true manifestation of Peace on Earth.

So peace will come again on Earth but a peace unlike aught known before.
Then will the will-to-good flower forth as understanding
And understanding blossom as goodwill ....

- Alice A. Bailey, The Reappearance of the Christ

The Earth is a Sentient Living Organism

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UN Climate Summit Global Meditation

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Cycle of Conferences - September
Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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Cycle of Conferences is currently focusing
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"We are headed towards a future time when human
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Responsible stewardship will be one of the
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