Addams Family ~ The Tarot

The Night before Halloween, I consulted the cards …

The Addams Family Tarot
Just the Major Arcana
0 Fool: Thing
1 Magician: Cousin It
2 High Priestess: Grandmama
3 Empress: Morticia
4 Emperor: Gomez
5 Hierophant: Lurch
6 Lovers: Gomez kissing Morticia’s arm
7 Chariot: Their old hearse
8 Justice: Marie Antoinette, Wednesday’s headless doll
9 Hermit: Uncle Fester w/ lightbulb in mouth
10 Wheel of Fortune: Gomez’s ticker tape
11 Strength: Kitty, their pet Lion walking down the stairs
12 Hanged Man: Gomez standing on his head
13 Death: A guillotine
14 Temperance: Wednesday’s paper doll string cutout, with one cutout with 3 legs
15 Devil: Pugsley with a box of dynamite
16 Tower: On top of the Addams house roof, with lightning strike in stormy sky
17 Star: Morticia feeding the man-eating plant
18 Moon: All the Addams family moon bathing on the roof
19 Sun: Morticia and Gomez dancing the Tango
20 Judgment: Morticia knitting the very, very long scarf
21 Universe: Morticia smoking in her chair, both arms folded over her chest and smoke arises all around her.
- Cousin Susenisha
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Many Thanks to The Addams Family creator, Charles Addams