A Date with Destiny

… the *Laws of the Soul* … are laws concerned primarily with the
establishing of the great Fellowship of the Universe.

- Alice A. Bailey, The Rays and the Initiations

The Fellowship of the Universe:
Our Humanity has a Planetary, Solar and Cosmic Task!

Are we conscious of the fact that all of humanity will eventually become not only transfigured initiates, but Arhats, then Masters and finally Buddhas! Many taking the higher initiations while still in human bodies.

There are different words in different traditions to explain the various stages of spiritual unfoldment. But humanity en masse is now on its way! So many of our Earth’s humanity now have entered The Path that leads back to The Beginning ... no matter what vehicle is chosen, what teaching, religion, philosophy, or just listening to the Heart and developing the mind.
The Heart is connected with the plane of Buddhi, where true intuitional wisdom is found ... called “straight knowledge” in some traditions. It is the “knowinge” of things without using the intellect to try and explain it ... it is Pure Reason.
Of course, even those who have access to that type of consciousness called Pure Reason also must have developed minds in order to express and share the spiritual intuitions that are received. Once anyone has developed this Pure Reason, no matter what background or tradition they come from, they will speak the same language of the heart and will all understand one another.
Most disciples already have developed minds, but for the masses of humanity who are taking or will take the first and second initiations, and later in this root race the third initiation, developing the mind is a necessary step along the Way.
Nothing seems to develop the mind quite like the 5th Ray of science, and fortunately for the human race, the latest discoveries in science prove and have been made widely available the truth of the “essential unity underlying all existence”.
What disciples can demonstrate ~ and are demonstrating ~ is that this Unity in expression is based on Spiritual Love, which is part of our existence. We love that which we are attached to, whether it be our families, our communities, nations, the Earth, the Sun or the Cosmos ... but only “cosmic love” encompasses All without exclusion of anyone or anything.
Humanity is destined to be the Planetary Light Bearer and eventually to receive and transmit Cosmic Energy throughout the seven solar systems connected with our part of Cosmos.
The highest planetary initiation, the 7th initiation of Resurrection, is governed by the 2nd Ray of Love-Wisdom. We are told it confers what might be termed Galactic or Cosmic Awareness. We know the intimate connection we have with a Great Cosmic Being, whose heart centre in the head is our familiar Zodiac. This Great Being directly impacts not only our Sun, but all Life within its ring-pass-not ... 7 Solar Systems.
How stunning to realize that our little Earth humanity plays a part in all this and that Love underlies it all. We know that the energies of the Zodiacal constellations give us the opportunity to reach spiritual harmony, what is called “at one-ing the pairs of opposites”. This leads to true spiritual expression which is beyond even that of the Soul.  
We can begin to reveal this synthesis and work towards harmony, and towards a basic unity as part of the Truths to be revealed to humanity in what is called the New World Religion. But perhaps there is a better word than ‘religion’ ~  New World Thinking or realizations, or the Fellowship of the Universe. We are Brothers and Sisters of the Cosmos.
It is our task to “reveal the world of significances, the world of reality and of essential truth. Because of the success of the evolutionary process, this latter task is growing, and more and more initiated revealers will be needed during the period immediately ahead. Forget not that the invocative appeal of the mass of men, and the intelligent voicing of demand by those prepared intelligently to move forward, will inevitably call forth the needed response and the needed revealers of reality.” (Alice A. Bailey, The Rays and the Initiations)
This Reality must include the Whole of which we are all a part. This is Life More Abundant.

The spatial fires of Cosmos and the elements of nature set atremor the spheres, calling to life all that exists. The Cosmic Fire ignites one manifestation of life and combines it with others in the chain of processes. He who cannot surround himself with the realization of the grandeur of the eternal, limitless labor of Cosmos deprives himself of the greatest comprehension of life. The one to whom the spatial possibilities are accessible perceives how limited the planet is and sees that it is manifested only as a shield for those who regard reality as just the narrow path of earthly life. When the spirit is able to fly to the heights of the spheres and contemplate the life of the planet as a beautiful stage, and not one bound by a curved line, then one may vouch that this spirit will cross the way of fiery evolution.

Verily, one may find in the ray of Space the true expression of cosmic energies, and thus may the life of humanity be adorned.

The affirmation of Infinity approaches!

                                         - Agni Yoga, Infinity I, 53

The evolution is important not of earthly humanity but of humanity of the Universe.
If this simple formula could be adopted by human hearts,
the whole starry vault would become tangible.

- Agni Yoga, New Era Community 1926, 32
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