A New Yoga Is Here!

The substance of the Fire of Space directs the human consciousness. …
Certainly the sun ~ the life giver ~ saturates the entire Universe;
but the realization that the streaming rays impart a conscious force of energy
will afford the most fiery attainments. Cosmos demands uniformity of striving in
all things. Sensing the vibrations of the currents, humanity will discover the multifold
creative transmissions of the rays. Thus does Cosmos bestow its treasures. The
substantiation of these treasures is inevitable. Spiritual application should be accepted
equally with the wondrous powerful impulse. Cosmic creation is built upon the foundation
of spirit. A discovery comes in a harmonious fusion with a cosmic ray. The rays from
heterogeneous elements bring immeasurable revelations to humanity.

- Agni Yoga, Infinity II

Which of the Yogas Are You Practicing?

There are many different Yogas or methods of meditation and spiritual practice ~ including service to others, that lead to spiritual liberation. These methods are used by many different traditions and religions, even if they are not familiar with the term Yoga. Most of them are what are called World Servers.

Is there a difference between what Master DK calls a World Server and those practicing the Yoga of Synthesis?

Both groups are referenced in the book A Treatise on White Magic by Alice Bailey. The description of a World Server, and the description used for members of the Yoga of Synthesis are similar but not identical.

World Servers are described as follows:

Leo and Aquarius, through the Sun and Jupiter, are related to Ray 2. Development of the individual consciousness into world consciousness. Thus a man becomes a world server. (1)

There is a symbol which flashes out from the heart of all who serve their fellowmen for which we look at times; when found, it indicates a world server. (2)

The point which I am here making is that through the influence of Mercury and Neptune the group consciousness of the individual is developed, so that through the tests in Scorpio and the experience in Aquarius the disciple emerges on the physical plane into the position of a world server; all world servers are decentralised workers and are governed by the need and the reactions of the mass or group. (3)

Those practicing the Yoga of Synthesis are described in this passage:

You ask me: What keeps a man from becoming a member of such a group? I tell you with emphasis that four things only keep a man from affiliation.

First: an uncoordinated personality. This involves necessarily an untrained mind and a feeble intellect.

Second: a sense of separateness, of distinction, and of being set apart or different from one's fellow men.

Third: the possession of a creed. No matter how good a formula of beliefs it may be, it inevitably produces exclusiveness. It bars some out.

Fourth: pride and ambition.

You ask again: How shall one qualify? The rules are simple, and are three in number. First, learn to practice harmlessness; then desire nothing for the separated self, and thirdly look for the sign of divinity in all. Three simple rules, but very hard to accomplish.

Behind this group of mystics, which includes thinkers in every department of human thought (let me reiterate the word thinkers and of human knowledge stands the Hierarchy of Masters and in between these two groups stand also a band of teachers, of whom I am one. These act as intermediaries and as transmitters of energy. May I repeat and beg you to attend, that this group which is slowly forming is gathered out of every imaginable group of thinking and intelligent men. As yet, and this may surprise a few, there are not very many occultists (so-called) among them. This is due to the fact that the occultists are numerically few in relation to the masses of humanity, and also to their tendency to be sectarian, exclusive and self-righteous. Selfless humanitarian workers are there; political leaders and economists and scientific workers in the world's laboratories are also there; churchmen and religious adherents from all the world religions are there and the practical mystics and a few occultists. The true occultist is rare. (4)

It is worth noting that all true Yogas stem from the same Divine Source, and all emphasize a particular aspect of life and are given out whenever sufficient energies are present on the planet to receive, practice and benefit from them.

When we take into account that so many of us have mastered some of the older yogas in previous lives ~ for instance, devotion, developing the mind, service, etc. ~ we retain and draw upon those qualities in all that we presently do.

Although the Agni Yoga teachings are sometimes called Teachings on Synthesis, they are in reality teachings on the Will~Sacrifice aspect and the accompanying service in the three worlds. Master Morya says that the precise name for Agni Yoga (sometimes called the Yoga of Fire) is the Yoga of Self Sacrifice (see Agni Yoga, 158).

... All preceding Yogas, given from the highest Sources, took as their basis a particular aspect of life. Now, at the dawn of the age of Maitreya, [WRITTEN IN 1929] there is needed a Yoga comprising the essence of the whole of life, all-embracing, evading nought. One remembers the example of those unignitible youths in the biblical legend who valiantly sacrificed themselves to the fiery furnace and thereby acquired power.

You may call this the Yoga of Life. But the most precise name will be Agni Yoga. It is precisely the element of fire that gives its name to this Yoga of self-sacrifice. While in other Yogas the dangers are diminished through practices, in the Yoga of Fire the perils are increased, because fire, as an all-binding element, manifests itself everywhere. But it also permits mastery of the subtlest energies. Fire will not lead away from life; it will act as a trustworthy guide to the far-off worlds. For what but fire saturates immeasurable space? (5)

We could correlate the various Yogas with the qualities of the Soul as it unfolds, or the petals of the Egoic Lotus.

Most of the Yogas that have come into existence on Earth are still being practiced by many World Servers: Agni Yoga ~ the Yoga of Self Sacrifice, Karma Yoga ~ the Yoga of Action and Selfless Service, Jnana Yoga ~ Yoga of Knowledge, Raja Yoga ~ Yoga of thought/mind, Bhatki Yoga ~ Yoga of devotion, and many others.

These Yogas are not, however, primarily working to bring the recognition of Identification of the Whole to humanity, as is the specific intention of the Yoga of Synthesis. They bring many other wonderful attributes and do much good, but are not practicing this newest Yoga which has now arrived to teach the Reality of the interconnectedness of all things, our home and place in Cosmos, and Humanity’s Destiny and Mission in that larger context.

This new Yoga could not have come into existence and become widely accepted until the work of Science had proven the nature of energy and its acknowledgement and acceptance by vast numbers of humanity. Any Light Worker from any tradition or Yoga can practice this Yoga of Synthesis, together with their own disciplines, assuming the requirements are met.

The quote from A Treatise on White Magic [footnote #6 below] is the only quote in the Alice Bailey books that uses the term Yoga of Synthesis. It is a new Yoga that has come into our planetary life, and is related to the Jewel in the Lotus, and to all those who might recognize those energies.

So although all practicing the Yoga of Synthesis are World Servers, it does not follow that all World Servers are practicing the Yoga of Synthesis. At least not yet.

The new Yoga of Synthesis is described as follows:

In the book Agni Yoga, some of the teaching to be given has filtered through but only from the angle of the will aspect. No book has as yet made its appearance which gives in any form whatsoever the "yoga of synthesis". We have had "bhakti yoga" or union through devotion. Raja Yoga is now receiving emphasis, which is union through the mind. It sounds like a redundancy to speak of union through synthesis, but it is not so. It is union through identification with the whole ~ not union through realisation or through vision. Mark well this distinction, for it holds the secret of the next step for the personalities of the race. … but the key or the secret of identification is still withheld. It lies in the custody of a few in this integrating group of mystics and knowers and will be brought out into manifestation in the furnace of their individual experience and thus given to the world. But the time is not yet. The group must grow in strength and knowledge and in intuitive perception. (6)

The group is and will remain entirely subjective. Its members are linked telepathically, or they recognise each other through the quality of the work they are doing in the outer world and the inclusiveness of the note they sound. It is inspired from above by the souls of its members and the Great Ones, and is energised into activity by the need of humanity itself. It is composed of living conscious souls, working through coordinated personalities. Its symbol is a golden triangle enclosing an even-armed cross with one diamond at the apex of the triangle. This symbol is never reproduced in form at all. It shines above the heads of all who are in the group and cannot be seen by anyone (not even a clairvoyant) except a group member, and then only if ~ for purposes of work ~ his recognition needs stimulation. The motto of the group is The Glory Of The One. (7)

Perhaps this group has now grown enough and is ready for wider expression in this, the New Age that has already been entered.


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