"High-Lighting" Hubble's 25th Anniversary!

Fireworks Hubble

Happy, Happy Anniversary on April 24 to our eye high in the sky, the Hubble Telescope.

Planning for the Hubble Telescope began way back in the 1970s. The idea was to have a space telescope that would transcend the blurring effects of the earth's atmosphere, allowing it to take images with greater clarity, and has it ever!

The Hubble has played a critical role in the discovery that the universe's expansion is accelerating, and it has probed the atmosphere of planets around distant stars.

The Hubble was the first ever to image an exoplanet in visible light. It found black holes at the heart of all large galaxies. The Hubble has revolutionized our understanding of the birth and death of stars.

It has delved deeper into the universe than was ever thought possible, providing us with amazing images, some of which are available at the links below.

Thanks for looking out there for us, Hubble, and Happy Anniversary!

Hubble 25th Anniversary Fulldome Clips

As part of the Hubble 25th anniversary celebrations, ESA/Hubble will release a series of fulldome clips during 2015. These short clips using Hubble data are available for free to all planetariums. The clips are in 4k and 8k fulldome format and rendered for uni-directional domes.

Clips will be published on the 24th of each month.

You can see the already-existing Hubble fulldome clips here.

If you don't want to miss any of the fulldome videos, it’s recommended that you subscribe to the fulldome RSS feeds:

Video Archive: Dome

Video Archive: Full Dome

Top image ~ "Fireworks" released for Hubble's 25th Anniversary

Wonderful, Ted...thanks for

Wonderful, Ted...thanks for sharing these stunning images!