Reflections on Scorpio's Venus' Rising


It was a couple of years ago...beginning with the Solar Libra season, and the New Libra Moon...Venus was rising in Scorpio.

During this time i had a series of unwelcome sexual "overtures" and a bullying energy that occurred.

I love you.  I'm Sorry.  Please Forgive me.  Thank you.

Invocating to Great Spirit to what in me was "inviting" these "apparent" "hits".

i found myself in front of the Kabbalah Tree of Life...

....i know nothing of proper Kabbalah science and the mystic scriptures and commentaries for the TREE easily confound me...thus when invited to this kind of "interactive" symbol, i ask for it's wisdom for the Abstract Challenged......

In this case i found myself looking at the Sefirots Gevurah and Chesed

that "appeared to me" like the Guardians of the Heart....

Looking at the Tree of Life

it "appeared" that


"Severeity", "Contraction", "Awe", 

was on the "Feminine" Left.


On the "Masculine" Right

was Chesed (Hesed),

"Compassion", "Abundance", "Grace",  "Love".


Tiferet....which i understood as the Heart Chakra 


Harmony, Mercy, Truth, "Beauty"

in the CENTRE.


There seemed "conflict" in the Masculine ~ Feminine "designations"...

as tho' with Mars/Masculine "should be" Severeity,

The Divine Feminine as Venus, "should be" Compassion.


An illumination came, when i happened upon a video speaking of Genesis 1 and 2 as manifestations of these Sefirot and stories of Adam's two wives.  This was not included in my Biblical studies courses back in a "reformation" "protestant" seminary".

Apparently, Genesis 1, Gevurah is associated with Adam's First Wife, Lillith .  She liked to take turns with Adam  to be on all ways.

Adam wasn't interested in a wife of independent spirit and he wanted a Companion in servitude to his VISION of creation's care....not surprisingly conflict became a way of life for them.

Lillith, being the initiating kind of being she was, went into  Sensual and Lust Filled  Realms of Serpents, Dragons, Nagas, and Monsters of the Deep ....there She had children, and kept the underworld water beings happy with her Presence.

 Genesis Chapter two, brings EVE as Chesed...and somehow the Rabbi, points out that Eve, as Created Help Mate from "man's Side", is the "Ideal Wife" home bringing in Paradise....

"Who would you like to have as your wife", says the Rabbi...

"Lillith or Eve"??


mmmmm....what happens when a woman continually "Looks after others first"

and does not have a fair share in the Creating Paradise "Vision"...?

When the Eve of a person shuts the Door on Lillith......

How does she maintain her own VERTICAL CONNECTIONS of Sovereignty to the ONE,

in the midst of being the Family Soul Anchor?

Lillith, when we haven't listened to her rumblings,  usually shows her self as the Inner Bitch (1)...and the Inner Bitch is enlivened, when we do not look after the "feminine" places of our own heart and soul....and hold to the integrity of OUR OWN inner truth.

Janet Mentgen, one of  Wholistic Nurses that created Healing Touch International,

built into her whole Healing Model the essential importance of SELF care...

to "DO THE MASTER's WORK" in the every day....

her biggest teaching to me in getting 8 hours of PRONE time each night as a PRIORITY.

What i have learned, is that the "healing power that one cultivates" is the learning to care for one's Inner Lillith in what she needs to thrive, and nourish her creative Force, and expression of SELF Sovereignty.

i've since lost the book called WomanChrist...a book of feminist "theology" radical in it's day ....there was an article by Valerie Saving called the "Human Situation:  A FEMININE VIEW".  Her main thesis was that "masculine" and "feminine" "SINS" are different...our bodies are different, and this has effect on our whole Embodied Wisdom.

"men's" sins focused around "Pride" and "Unawareness of "OTHER'S" "need" SELFISHNESS",  while

"women's sins", were characterized by  "diffusive giving and thinking", as well the resistance to

disengage from her "tuning into others" radar to hear her own Truth.

Lillith, is the part of the Woman's Psyche and the Male in his Anima that gets engaged in "unconscious" war tactics, when Self CARE has not been part of Compassionate Body - Emotional Mindfulness daily practice...and open hearted authenticity with oneself.

Basically, Lillith Rising in the Bitch of the Feminine, means that too much attention is going into "other people's agendas, appearances and Looking good" and INNER SACRED SPACE in SOLITUDE is the Answer....following Lillith and having a talk with all those serpents seething in our Nether parts....


What emerged for me from these meditations was a Body Prayer.

My left hand beginning at my left thigh and pushing outward...

with the Sound Gevurah.

As i followed this inspiration, i experienced "creating" ENERGETIC Space

required to function in an optimum way....

and a clearing of my "pelvis" as to "what i was cradling" not for highest good.


.... so all that is AUTHENTICALLY, Good, True, and Beautiful,

may Fill the Space. right hand, extended arms length  to the Right

....seemed to "GATHER" all the etheric threads of Life, 

and in a slow cupping motion bring them into my heart

as "Tiferet"

with the Sound VAV.


With this came the awareness,

that i don't need to "send any energy out to anybody or anything"...

ALL that is LOVED and LIFE exists right in the Centre of the Heart.


It has surfaced to my attention that it is these

Guardian Sefirot, Gevurah and Chesed

Carolyn Myss perceives at THROAT CHAKRA.....

the Gates that need "Aquaintance",

that We Might give SYNTHETIC EXPRESSION to Tiferet.


"Sefirot/Sacrament connection.  The fifth chakra corresponds o the Sefirah of Hesed, representing the love or mercy of God, and of Gevurah, rpresenting the judgement of God.  These two sefirot are the right and left arms of God, portraying the balanced nature of Divine will.  The implication of these sefirot is that the Divine is merciful, and that only God has the right to judge the choices we make.  The Sefirah of the Hesed reminds us to use loving words to communicate with others, and the sefirah of Gevurah reminds us to speak with honor and integrity.  The sacrament of Confession is aligned to the fifth chakra, symbolic of the fact that we are all accountable for the way we use our willpower.  Through the sacrament of Confession, we are given an opportunit to retrieve our spirits from the "negative missions" we may have sent them on as a consequence of our negative thoughts or actions.

....Understanding the energy consequences of our thoughts and beliefs, as well as our actions, may force us to become honest to a new degree. ...Genuine, complete healing requires honesty with oneself.  An inability to be honest obstructs healing as seriously as the inability to forgive.  Honesty and forgiveness retrieve or energy--our spirits--from the energy dimension of "the past"  Our fifth chakra and it's spiritual lessons show us that personal power lies in our thoughts and attitudes." (2)


These two Seferiot seem to be lighting up in the Alta Major/Baleen the healing of the XX chromosone nature of  DNA in the Centre of what we call Humanity...

Tiferet.....YOKE OF CHRIST and the Clasp of "Mary's" "Mantle".


to the Glory of the Synthetic ONE.



(2) Myss, Carolyn, "Anatomy of the Spirit", Three Rivers Press, Random House, New York, New York., (c.)1996, p.220, bold emphasis.